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IT Planning, Roadmaps & Infrastructure Design

Drive business initiatives with the power of IT


56% of performance metrics for CIOs and IT leaders are directly related to business outcomes such as revenue, growth, margins and strategy; while 44% are related to IT delivery.1 A business-aligned IT roadmap is more important than ever for meeting the demands of today’s digitally transformed businesses.


IT Planning & Roadmaps

CIOs and IT are no longer about only supporting day-to-day technology to operate a business. IT today is an integral part in building and supporting strategic business initiatives. Partner with an IT consultant that can help you with your journey. An IT roadmap documents how technology will be used to support organizational growth and agility. As a collaborative tool, it helps align leadership on strategy and investments. Ricoh’s team of vCIOs partner with you to:

1. Review your business plan
2. Set technology goals
3. Assess your IT environment
4. Chart business needs against technology requirements
5. Identify gaps
6. Develop the right strategy by outlining tools, people and processes
7. Prioritize actions and next-steps




With a comprehensive IT Roadmap in hand, you and your IT team can:

  • Collaborate effectively with other business units on new projects and priorities
  • Provide executive insight into costs and resourcing needs
  • Improve short-term and long-term planning
  • Anticipate technology needs and plan for appropriate software and vendors
  • Manage project requests and timelines
  • Communicate strategic technology initiatives across the organization

Quick View: The Planning Process & Structure


With a plan in place, Ricoh’s experts can design an infrastructure environment that supports your needs and allows for flexibility and growth. Let us help you implement the right solutions for your business. From cloud solutions, storage and data management, backup and recovery systems to server, application and desktop virtualization, our team can build and enhance the very foundation that supports all aspects of your technology suite.

In collaboration with our team of vCIOs, Ricoh’s infrastructure consultants conduct a series of professional services to produce the most comprehensive infrastructure plan for your needs, including:

  • Infrastructure assessment and discovery
  • Architecture and design
  • Implementation, migration and upgrades
  • End-to-end IT infrastructure improvements

Ricoh proudly maintains premier partnerships with the industry’s leading technology vendors to ensure the highest quality products for your business. Turning technology into innovation. Turning vision into reality. This is Insightful IT.


See more on our solutions

  • IT Support Services

    Ricoh provides on-demand end-to-end IT Support Services aligned to your business needs. You can choose us to fully manage your IT department or augment the one you have. We are there for you 24/7 for 365 days a year. Get back to focusing on what you do best and leave IT to us!

  • IT Procurement & Project Management

    Spend smarter. We partner with the most trusted technology brands on the market, ensuring great pricing and availability of devices, servers and other hardware that your business needs. In addition, our PMP-certified team can keep your project organized and effective from beginning to end.

  • IT Security Solutions

    Ricoh is dedicated to helping you address unique and varied security challenges as they emerge. We provide customized security options for our customers and have a comprehensive suite of security solutions that address specific business need.

1Gartner, 2017, “CIOs Confirm the Changing Role of the Chief Information Officer”,