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Cloud Solutions & Services

Accelerate innovation and growth

Gartner expects that by the end of 2019, more than 30 percent of technology providers’ new software investments will shift from cloud-first to cloud-only.1 74% of tech chief financial officers say that cloud computing will have the most measurable impact on their business.2

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Most organizations today have a rapidly growing amount of data and need a scalable service that can handle increased bandwidth, storage, server CPU cycles and other key performance capacities. However, again like most organizations, you don't want to invest a fortune in capital expenses upfront.

Reimagine your business with innovative solutions that create new insights, mobile workplaces, increased performance and lower costs. Ricoh’s cloud solutions and services can help you create customized workflows that address your unique requirements in a secured, flexible, scalable, and highly available environment using public, private and/or hybrid cloud technology. Ricoh’s cloud solutions and services can help you:

Reduce complexity - Use a hybrid IT service model to expand from on-premise into an easy-to-manage private or public cloud.


Increase flexibility - Scale services to fit your needs, customize applications and access cloud services from anywhere with an internet connection.


Improve efficiency - Get your products, solutions or services to market quickly without worrying about underlying infrastructure costs or maintenance.


Adopt a comprehensive approach - Gain full control over private and public cloud-hosted workloads, and self-service and self-provisioning tools.

Stop worrying and start growing faster

Get on-demand cloud services to accelerate your business growth

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Modern IT should be a strategic contributor to your business. By moving to the cloud, you’ll streamline your technology assets and enhance your business with unlimited scalability and agility. Cloud doesn’t have a one-size-fits-all approach. Let our team design one that's suited best to your business.

We can help you navigate all aspects from initial assessment, build and deployment to compliance and disaster recovery, including management of security for administrators, users, and applications running on your cloud infrastructure. Our cloud services can help you gain a competitive edge and enable your employees and IT team to remain business-focused and agile while lowering your hosting infrastructure capital expense costs.



Ricoh’s cloud solutions and services include the following:

Cloud infrastructure services and support that can help move your servers from on-premise to private or public cloud or design a hybrid solution of your choice.

Collaboration and productivity cloud-based solutions for better collaboration, enhanced data protection and timely business insights - anytime, anywhere.

Cloud backup services and solutions that completely automate and manage offsite backup that puts disaster recovery and business continuity at its core to maintain your peace of mind.

Enable your business to accelerate growth without crippling upfront capital expenses. Ask us how.

Our experienced cloud architects will be with you every step of the way

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Ricoh IT Services maintains premier partnerships with today’s leading technology vendors to give you the solution you need for your business.


Turning technology into innovation. Turning vision into reality. This is Insightful IT.

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    Allow our experienced cloud architects can guide you through the process. Our cloud services can help you create a custom solution that addresses your unique requirements in a secured, flexible, scalable, and highly available environment using public, private and hybrid cloud technology.

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    Change how you work with Microsoft Office 365, which is a cloud-based solution and the world’s leading productivity platform. Your workforce can access the necessary tools and information whenever and wherever they want.

  • Cloud-readiness Assessment

    Determine what you can move to the cloud and when. Our team will assess eight key areas of your technology environment to determine suitability for cloud migration and give you a detailed roadmap to help you fill gaps to make your migration smooth and successful.

1Gartner, 2019, “Gartner Forecasts Worldwide Public Cloud Revenue to Grow 17.5 Percent in 2019”,
2BDO USA, LLP. "2017 BDO Technology Outlook Survey." 2017.