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Output Management

Optimize your output costs and utilization

Managed print services

Controlled access to print devices can reduce page volume by 10% - 20%*

Security devices for managed printed items

Increasingly, you may need to rethink your workplace by lowering your printing costs, while digitizing more documents for easy collaboration and sharing. Our solution makes it simple to centralize your output management and usage reporting to help increase output usability, reduce waste and efficiently charge back your output costs.


Lower your printing costs


Control your printing costs better with centralized output management.

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Abandoned output is not only a threat to your organization from a cost and security standpoint, but those stacks of unused print jobs can damage your green footprint. Our assessment services can help you understand where to improve your output usability. Then you can put our expertise into action with RICOH Streamline NX — a powerful software platform that centralizes output management and generates real-time reporting. Now, you can enforce cost-saving print policies with users, a department or across your entire fleet.


Streamline cost recovery


Integrate onsite and mobile print jobs seamlessly with accounting processes.

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The ability to easily assign and recover costs for print jobs is crucial, especially for organizations that rely heavily on printing to service their clients. With our centralized output management solution, you can easily capture and charge back printing costs by cost center or client — even with mobile printing. Mobile users can download the Streamline NX app onto their devices to allow administrators to track their mobile printing, set user print quotas and enforce other mobile print policies. In this way, your organization's accounting department can allocate print costs with chargeback capabilities for mobile workers.


Reduce total page volume


Influence workers to print only what is needed.

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A big part of lowering print costs is to influence user behavior. By controlling user access to print devices with our Output Management solution and ID card readers, your admins can streamline user tracking and charge back costs accurately, while also encouraging more cost-accountable user behavior. Admins can also enforce more duplex (two-sided) printing to help trim down print volume. Additionally, our solution can offer printer drivers that are preset to automate cost-saving processes — such as routing jobs to the most cost-effective print devices.


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* Gartner, Cost-Cutting Initiatives for Office Printing, Published: 19 June 2012 Analyst(s): Sharon McNee, Ken Weilerstein, Tomoko Mitani