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Digital Rights Management

Protect your digital assets even when in motion.

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Almost 71% of data breaches are caused inadvertently due to a careless user or negligence*. Threat to data and information security is not a new topic. Increase in external threats like cyber attack, organized crime, corporate espionage, and so on from traditional and non-traditional sources; higher internal threats due to administrative errors, careless behavior or inside breaches; and growing requirements to address an increasing number of government mandates to maintain compliance - all this is now a reality of the digital work environment.

Comprehensive security for your data & information

Protect your digital assets within and outside your company’s security.

Without an effective strategy for data and information protection, your company remains vulnerable to security threats that can cause loss of digital assets, loss of brand value or even bankruptcy. It’s not enough to purchase random anti-virus software or operate a virtual private network (VPN) to ensure complete safety of your company’s digital assets. Your digital information should have comprehensive security, whether or not you operate within an entreprise content management (ECM) system.

Keep documents safe and stay compliant, while protecting your digital assets without impacting productivity. Our Digital Right Management (DRM) solution is a file-based security system that prevents exposure of sensitive and confidential files by trusted insiders, business partners, customers and unauthorized people. Ricoh’s DRM solution protects, controls, and tracks sensitive files containing intellectual property, trade secrets, personally identifiable information (PII), and more. Get the tools you need to customize and improve your businesses’ information security system. It maintains file protection and prevents unintended information disclosure no matter where your file is using data-centric security strategies.

Keep documents safe and stay compliant

Prevent unintended disclosure or exposure of your valuable digital assets.

The key feature of our DRM solution is the persistent protection of files.  A policy controls who can access a file and what they can do with it.  

The DRM policy is not embedded in the file, but is on a Policy Server.  This means whenever you change the policy, it takes affect as soon as someone tries to access the file. For example, you can grant someone the right to “Edit” a file for 30 days so they can make changes to it. At any time you can change the permission to “View Only” and it takes affect immediately.  This also applies to revoking access to the file.  If you realize that a sensitive digital asset has been shred with unauthorized personnel, you can change the security policy on that asset and decline access to it immediately.
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Our DRM solution consists of three basic components:

  • The Packager encrypts files with certain permissions and access rights, like edit, print and how many times a recipient can access a document.  
  • The Server grants an access license to a recipient and manages all the permissions and audit logs.  This component typically sits on a SharePoint server, but can be on a separate server depending on scalability and your business needs.  
  • The DRM Client lets a user access the encrypted files. All Ricoh DRM products use the same DRM Client to  control access to encrypted documents and provide centralized control to the user. 

Protect your digital assets in motion

Discover, classify, protect and track your data for as long as you want.

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Our DRM solutions can help protect your files even when they leave the security of your ECM network or other type of security infrastructure. Our solution provides:
Complete Document Lifecycle Coverage
From the moment a file is created to when it is considered obsolete, protect it all the way using file-level protection policies.  

Data Loss Prevention 
Prevent the loss of any of your information or data due to security breach or human error.

Dynamic Permission Control  
Customize user permission for documents based on desired access clearance as per your company’s requirements. 

Network Transport Encryption 
Protect your digital assets even in transit, no matter where they are.

Persistent Protection 
The defined policy of a document type controls who can access a file and what they can do with it.

Experience Matters

For over 80 years, we have been helping our customers with their workplace needs. 

Ricoh is a global technology company specializing in business services, imaging equipment, production print solutions, document management solutions and IT services. We design innovative solutions that empower the digital workplace. We are committed to providing excellence to improve the quality of living and to drive sustainability. We imagine change.
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*Source: Inside Threat Reports, (2016).