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document processing services

Document Processing Services

Empower your digital transformation with advanced services that apply
intelligent automation to paper-based workflows.




Accounting Processes

Offload cumbersome and error-prone accounting processes with Ricoh’s technology and proven approach. Our solutions streamline and automate manual tasks for better visibility into and control over your financial data. 
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Mail Processes

Turn your mailroom into a highly efficient operation.  Our solutions employ the latest automation technology to help you manage and control costs while keeping mail secure and trackable. 

Scanning Services

Turn your paper-based workflows into digital workstreams that make documents available from anywhere. Our Document Imaging Specialists can work on- or offsite to digitalise and archive legacy files or build workflows to capture current and future work product. 
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Intelligent Capture Services

Apply intelligent automation to business- or industry-specific processes such as shipping, claims, applications and approvals. We’ll design the right digital solution to help you reallocate valuable time and resources to more strategic business objectives. 

Learn more about our services

  • Payment Processing

    Digitize and automate your incoming remittance processes.

  • Digital Mail

    Let us take care of sorting your mail so you don't have to.

  • Shipping Processes

    Eliminate complex paper processes and streamline shipping workflows.