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Intelligent eDiscovery

Unparalleled knowledge and powerful technology for outstanding results.

Full service eDiscovery solutions

By combining deep eDiscovery expertise with industry-leading technology, we will work with your legal team to help you comply with legal requests, develop case strategies and expedite key business decisions.


Our full service Intelligent eDiscovery solutions include:


Defensible & efficient data collection

Utilizing cutting-edge technology, our skilled forensic team gathers ESI from a variety of platforms and devices.

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Expedited insights

Get an analytics-driven, systematic approach to document review. 

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Customized case solutions

We work directly with your legal team to develop customized workflows using diverse processing capabilities.

Certified expertise

Ricoh's team of review experts are trained to use cutting-edge technology to achieve results while adhering to compliance and litigation standards.


Cost control

Early case assessment and data culling allow you to better manage your evidence while keeping expenses under control during the planning phases of litigation. 

Cyber breach mitigation

Our Regulatory Response services enable you to maintain compliance and mitigate potential damage.

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Professional Canadian services

Our Canadian-hosted forensics labs and MS Azure environments eliminate jurisdictional concerns. 

Quality-certified solutions

Ricoh eDiscovery offers ISO 9001:2015 quality-certified eDiscovery solutions with a comprehensive and strategic approach. From data collection and eDiscovery processing to technology-driven review, you can be confident that your solution will be well-designed, seamlessly integrated and supported by our ISO 9001:2015 Certification for quality process.

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