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Type MP C5501-C9155-LD655C - MP C5000-C5050-LD550C Magenta Print Cartridge

Type MP C5501/C9155/LD655C / MP C5000/C5050/LD550C

  •   Yield: 18000
  •   Contents: 1 cartridge (410 g)

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For Use With:

Printers and Copiers (12)

  • MP C5000SPF
  • GSA MP C5501G
  • GSA MP C5000G
  • MP C5000
  • Aficio MP C4501A
  • Aficio MP C5501
  • MP C4000
  • MP C4000SPF
  • GSA MP C4000G
  • Aficio MP C4501
  • GSA MP C4501G
  • Aficio MP C5501A

Full Specifications

Print Technology


Notes on Yield

Yield based on recommended average monthly print volume, 8-1/2" x 11" paper, 5% coverage.

Product Type

Print Cartridge



Contents of Package

1 - 410 g. Cartridge