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RICOH Streamline NX V3 Secure Print Option

Improve print workflows with secure print capabilities

About Streamline NX V3 Secure Print Option

Use the Secure Print Option module with Ricoh Streamline NX v3 BASE software to help safeguard printed information. Validate users on printers and digital multifunction printers (MFPs), so documents are released only to authorized users. Encrypt data and establish print rules. Manage security from a user interface accessible even from your smartphone or tablet.


  • Help keep information secure by releasing print jobs only when authorized users can retrieve them at the device
  • Manage print controls and access print queues remotely and enable mobile printing
  • Use authentication to set print rules for specific users and devices, such as quotas, routing, color restrictions and more, to reduce operating costs

Manage print security using a unified platform

Bring important workflows and security processes together using a single, easy-to-use interface. Add the Secure Print Option to Streamline NX v3 to help ensure users send and receive information quickly, securely and consistently. Customize the interface to simplify security tasks for many users in varying roles.

Reduce risks by limiting access

With Secure Print Option, jobs are held in the print server until the authorized user releases them for printing. The user simply authenticates at the device to access stored print jobs for printing. It reduces documents left unattended in the output tray or picked up inadvertently by the wrong user. Unwanted print jobs can simply be deleted from the server queue to reduce print costs.

Authenticate to add accountability

Choose from a wide range of user authentication options to help safeguard users and information in shared use environments. Users can log in to the multifunction printer or laser printer via network login or PIN account. In fact, they can gain access with the same HID, HID iClass, CASI-Rusco, Mifare, NxtWtch, USB tokens, Near Field Communications (NFC) and biometric technologies they use to gain building access.

Encrypt information

Help protect information everywhere, even in transit or on the hard drive. Use the Secure Print Option to encrypt data from the client to server and from the server to the device while adhering to your organization’s security policies.

Be secure going mobile

Take security with you. Use your personal mobile device to manage secure release queues remotely. Whether you’re at the multifunction printer, on your computer, or on your iOS, Android™ or Windows smartphone or tablet, the user interface looks the same. You can even print to remote networks with Mobile Intranet Extenders (MIEs).

Apply print rules to secure efficiency

Use the Secure Print Option to manage print behaviors and reduce costs. Delete jobs in the print queue automatically after a specified time period. Cut paper costs with default duplex printing. With authentication, you can minimize wasteful printing with print quotas for individual users or workgroups.

Major Applications

  • Use one installer, license and sign-on to minimize IT security investment
  • Permit only authorized users to release and retrieve documents
  • Apply print rules to reduce paper and operating costs
  • Print remotely and securely using your personal mobile device
  • Reduce IT resources required to enable guest mobile printing with HotSpot Enterprise integration

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