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RICOH Streamline NX V3 Mobile Support

Manage documents and devices remotely

About Streamline NX v3 Mobile Support

Mobile Support for the administrator and mobile print comes standard with RICOH Streamline NX v3 BASE and Optional Print module software. Use it to ease everyday administration, security and management tasks. Release and send print jobs on the move or initiate scanning workflows with optional mobile scanning. Plus, you can perform every task via the same user interface whether from the multifunction printer (MFP) or from your personal mobile device.


  • Use your personal mobile device to share files and release print jobs with speed and convenience from anywhere, without compromising security
  • Support fast, easy and cost-effective guest printing when paired with HotSpot Enterprise
  • Simplify administrative tasks by accessing device details, tracking user activity and changing settings remotely for faster maintenance and troubleshooting

Find consistent mobile convenience

Simplify mobile printing and integration with your scan and capture processes on multifunction printers by adding Mobile Support to Streamline NX v3. The intuitive Streamline NX v3 user interface remains the same — with easy-to-identify icons and customizable workflows — whether you’re on your mobile device or at the multifunction printer (MFP).

Print freely without compromising security

With Streamline NX v3 Mobile App, users can print to a multifunction printer or laser printer from anywhere. Jobs are held in queue on the File server. Users then select jobs either from the specified multifunction device or on their mobile device to release them for printing. Use Mobile Intranet Extenders (MIEs) to print to remote networks without additional IT configurations.

Invite guests to join

Enable guest printing with HotSpot Enterprise — without a significant IT print infrastructure investment. Each user simply downloads the HotSpot Enterprise Mobile App to gain print privileges. Guests print to the device by emailing to a specified email address. Use it to avoid print drivers, delays and cumbersome workarounds.

Capture and share information freely

Use the camera on your smartphone or tablet to scan images and route files to selected emails, folders or workflows. Enter metadata to automate the routing process or to identify your projects more clearly.

Be alert from anywhere

Being out of the office doesn’t mean administrators are out of luck. Receive notifications and alerts informing you of maintenance issues directly on your personal mobile device. You can also review configurations and check device status remotely.

Put more information in your hands

Use Mobile Support to view print reports and manage devices remotely from your smartphone, laptop or tablet. Track user activity. Check specific print jobs. Set print quotas. Assign charge-back capabilities to allocate print costs. You’ll have the same access to device and user information afforded by the Streamline NX v3 admin console, only in the palm of your hand.

Visualize how easy administration can be

Use your mobile device to create a visual index of your print fleet. Take photos and record device information. You can use a map or group hierarchy to organize your multifunction printers and laser printers and identify specific devices with ease.

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