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RICOH Streamline NX V3 Scan & Capture Option

Transform paper into electronic information and share it quickly and securely

About Ricoh Streamline NX V3 Scan & Capture Option

With its web-based user interface, the Scan & Capture Option is accessible from anywhere. Use your personal mobile device to submit photos, images and forms into scanning or distribution workflows. Enter document metadata at any time. Capture images offline and enter them into the scanning workflow when you’re reconnected.


  • Share information quickly by managing your copy, scan and fax workflows from a single software interface
  • Use a wide range of authentication options to assign specific user access in shared-use environments and initiate predetermined routing and scanning workflows
  • Convert scanned images into a wide range of formats and integrate them directly into everyday business applications

Bring scanning and other processes together

Move information anywhere at any time from a single unified software platform. Add the Scan & Capture Option to Streamline NX V3 device management software to access a wide range of advanced scanning capabilities. Perform every task with unprecedented ease and consistency via the intuitive customizable user interface.

Grant permission to scan freely

Assign user access to specific scanning workflows in shared-use environments. Choose from a wide range of user authentication options, including Card Authentication. Users can gain access to the multifunction printer with the same HID, HID iClass, CASI-Rusco, Mifare, NxtWtch, USB tokens, Near Field Communications (NFC) and biometric technologies they use for building access. Or, they can log in via network login or PIN account.

Recognize a better way to scan

Use the Scan & Capture Option to convert hardcopy documents into electronic files with 99.8% accuracy. Choose the optional Zonal OCR and Barcode functionality to capture specific data and import it directly into your accounting system. Or, use it to initiate pre-defined, departmental routing workflows.

Get a preview of efficiency

Ensure recipients see your best ideas the way you do. Preview documents in standard sizes, landscape orientation and even custom scan sizes with ease. In fact, you can zoom in or out to get a closer look at intricate details. Enhance your images and messages with Bates stamping, watermarks, editing and more. You can even add an optional connector for linear and 2D barcodes and forms processing.

Keep information and audiences connected

Use connectors to send digital files to any recipient anywhere by routing them to email, network and home folders, ECM, FTP, fax and other systems. Use card authentication for customizable scanning workflows for specific users. For example, you can distribute files to many destinations in a single step. Simplify fax delivery by sending them automatically to email or network folders right from your fax-enabled multifunction printer.

Use rules to stay on task

Follow the rules to move information even more quickly. The new Decision Point connector relies on a configured set of rules to redirect jobs toward specific workflows or processes. The connector performs a metadata comparison during scanning to determine the file’s destination.

Convert images in any format

Make it easy to share information with your audience. Convert scanned documents into a wide range of formats, including TIFF, JPEG, PNG and even password-protected, high-compression PDF. For optimal collaboration, convert documents with text, tables and diagrams into editable formats, such as PDF, RTF, XLS and more.

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