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Objectif Lune PlanetPress Connect

Connect diverse corporate systems to support printed and interactive digital customer communications

About Objectif Lune PlanetPress® Connect Customer Communications Management Software

PlanetPress® Connect allows you to connect data from multiple systems and applications so you can create, manage and distribute printed and digital communications. Based on recipient behavior, the software acts on rules and conditions you set to trigger interactive processes such as placing orders or paying invoices. The use of native HTML ensures a flexible, stable solution for dynamic document design and the delivery of personalized omni-channel experiences.


  • Increase productivity with a collaborative solution that enables data mapping, personalized document design and output management.
  • Keep up with changing communication trends cost effectively — no need to change existing systems or undertake complex, expensive programming.
  • Improve customer experience with accurate, relevant information and modern methods of engagement.

Improve customer communications using data, design and automation tools

Your customers expect to have options to receive and respond to communications. With PlanetPress® Connect, you can augment print capabilities with responsive emails, web pages and text messages. Modernize your customer communications management (CCM) processes with these key components:

  • DataMapper, which extracts data from multiple sources such as ERP, CRM and financial systems and makes it available in one place in one format. Store queries for future use.
  • Multi-context Designer, which increases document consistency with templates and drag-and-drop functionality for images, text and variable elements.
  • Workflow, which automates tasks such as routing production print jobs, splitting data into multiple files, applying business rules and distributing communications. Archive and retrieve documents easily.

Deliver personalized omni-channel experiences cost effectively

Lower operational costs while improving customer experience. Spend less time producing compelling printed documents that include context-sensitive information. Reduce postal expenses by connecting to third-party mailing applications that commingle jobs. Expand into digital output easily:

  • Send personalized, interactive emails with embedded links to payment portals and other systems.
  • Generate text messages that notify customers to retrieve documents or include links to web pages.
  • Build, host and present web forms for customer use. Repurpose the data to create personalized web pages.

Transition smoothly to digital customer communications

Preference-based, personalized communications help you build relationships and create revenue opportunities, but implementing new software yourself may be more complicated than you expect. Our customer experience management specialists help clarify your CCM objectives, customize and integrate a solution, train your staff and provide support. Work with experts in document composition, postal and data quality, production print services, and electronic bill presentment, payment and accessibility (EBPP).