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Ricoh InfoPrint Manager

Centralize control of printers, print queues and job management enterprise-wide

About RICOH InfoPrint Manager enterprise output management software

The complexities of today’s enterprise office and production printing environments demand solutions that are reliable, secure and cost-effective. RICOH InfoPrint Manager can help solve your output management challenges, making it easy to control and scale for your growing enterprise.


  • Gain a complete picture of all print activity across your network through a single web interface providing centralized management and operational control.
  • Easily configure and maintain your output management with an open architecture that supports multi-brand printers.
  • Ensure secured communications with encrypted data protection and authenticated printing options.

Lower costs and increase efficiency

Robust tracking, accounting and notifications, provide insights on multiple job attributes that can save you time and money with continuous process improvement. Plus, easy implementation with your current workflow eliminates overall IT costs by eliminating interruptions in your current system through seamless integration with ERP systems, such as SAP® and Oracle® applications.

Reliable print management automation

InfoPrint Manager output solution helps to keep print jobs that contain confidential information in the right hands. Strengthen security with these optional features:

  • Linux Mobile Secure Print offers a secured pull print solution on InfoPrint Manager for Linux, mobile user authentication, secure print from mobile devices and more. The included Ricoh PDF driver interface ensures that workers have the same experience regardless of which device they choose, and it eliminates the need for you to manage multiple drivers.
  • Pull printing allows workers to authenticate themselves when they submit a job, and to authenticate their identities when they arrive at a printer to pick up the job.
  • Pull Printing allows workers to submit a job without targeting a specific printer. They can locate and print the job at a later time by authenticating themselves on any supported printer in another building, state or country.

The ease of open architecture

InfoPrint Manager is a stable solution that provides centralized, web-based control of distributed printers, print jobs and queues located anywhere on your network. Take advantage of its ability to scale to your changing needs with its open architecture, support of multi-brand printers and ability to be easily configured and maintained by your internal staff.



Product version

RICOH InfoPrint Manager v4.11 for Linux®, AIX® or Windows®

Minimum hardware

Depending upon required capacity for printers and print workloads, a Linux®, AIX® or Windows Server® capable of running any of the operating systems listed below

Minimum software requirements

AIX 7.1 Technology Level (TL) 5 Service Pack (SP) 5 or higher
AIX 7.2 Technology Level (TL) 3 or higher
AIX 7.3
RICOH InfoPrint Manager for Linux requires Red Hat Enterprise Linux® 7 or 8, SUSE Linux® Enterprise Server 12 or 15, CentOS Linux® 7 or 8 (up to 8.4) or Oracle Linux® 7.5 or later
RICOH InfoPrint Manager for Windows requires Microsoft® Windows® Server 2012 R2 Standard, Windows 2016 Standard Server® or Windows 2019 Standard Server®, or Windows Server 2022 Standard®
Integration with RICOH Streamline NX requires RICOH Streamline NX v3.1 or above

Submission methods

AFP Download Plus from Print Services Facility for z/OS
Hot folders
InfoPrint Select
InfoPrint Submit Express
lp, lpr, AIX enq and qprt
Mobile devices (with Streamline NX integration)
MVS Download from Print Services Facility for z/OS
Pdpr command line
SAP applications