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Reactiv SUITE

Empower meeting collaboration and enhance presentations on your RICOH Interactive Flat Panel Displays

Take your meetings and presentations to a new level

Meetings and presentations should deliver meaningful impact and be a springboard for action — not have participants looking at the clock. Reactiv SUITE combines the simplicity of writing on paper with the digital ability to share, communicate, and track changes in a dynamic and interactive environment. Seamless integration with Ricoh Interactive Flat Panel Displays (IFPDs, also called Interactive Whiteboards) brings productivity, collaboration and creativity back to meetings and presentations to inspire attendees and audiences — wherever they are located.


  • Simplify meeting preparation and post-meeting productivity
  • Encourage teamwork, brainstorming and creativity
  • Engage with employees and audiences anywhere

Reactiv STAGE

Made for storytelling, this presentation tool enables teams and presenters to focus on the narrative rather than managing content. Open and present information from any common file types you would use such as Word®, PowerPoint®, Excel®, PDF, JPEG, and more. With Reactiv STAGE, you can share information naturally to get your message through smoothly.

  • Embed native ink markups as if writing on paper to highlight an item, emphasize a point, or add notes to the original document
  • Compare and arrange any number of documents side-by-side instantly
  • Manage revisions to track and archive changes through automatic saving of new files with date and time stamps

Reactiv STAGE seamlessly integrates with RICOH IFPDs

Extend the benefits of your Ricoh Interactive Flat Panel Display with Reactiv STAGE software to engage with onsite and remote users. Reactiv STAGE creates a Digital Table that multiple remote users can access to share content and documents. Connect the secondary display for easy viewing of multiple images in larger displays.

  • Play videos and manage playback instantly, zoom in or out, and resize your view, or even annotate and save scenes with the timestamp
  • Share files to an additional display for enhanced sharing and collaboration
  • Markup and annotate videos and save scenes with the timestamp


Empower your team's creativity and brainstorming sessions with this adaptable workspace. Reactiv SCRIBBLE acts like a whiteboard with an infinite canvas where you can write, annotate, create dynamic layouts and produce PDFs to share important information with the team. Work with any file as you effortlessly combine a variety of common document types including web content.

  • Collaborate and annotate on the same document, or multiple documents simultaneously
  • Use Smart Rip to pull pages from any document and arrange them into your own custom layouts
  • Create space on the canvas for new ideas by easily moving existing content around to keep your creativity flowing

Enhance your productivity and empower creativity with Reactiv SUITE PRO

Reactiv SUITE PRO is designed with a single user in mind. It offers the same applications, user functionalities and workflows of Reactiv SUITE for individuals who work remotely. It reduces various connectivity and peripheral interoperability capabilities, which are not found in a home office environment. This solution is intended for PCs with touch capabilities.

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