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RICOH Pro L5160e

Wide Format Color Latex Printer

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Show your clients' true colors. Defy the standard gamut and enhance your output with the RICOH Pro L5160e.

Giving you true media versatility, the RICOH Pro L5160e roll-to-roll wide-format latex printer delivers outstanding quality and durability for both indoor and outdoor applications. Designed for demanding production environments, this system offers 4-, 5- or 6-color configurations with CMYK, CMYK + White or CMYK + Orange & Green. Approach new customers with the confidence that you can accurately match brand colors across substrates and achieve the smooth gradations, vibrant hues and lifelike skin tones they’re seeking. 
vinyl banners

Expand your possibilities. Open a world of opportunity.

From traditional signage to high-value applications, the Pro L5160 gives you the flexibility to create vibrant, durable output. Produce banners, posters, POP displays, fine art prints, vehicle wraps, wall coverings and interior decor. Use white ink for printing on clear films, colored media and multilayer day/night backlit displays or use orange and green ink for an extended gamut that delivers the most accurate color match.

Ricoh quality starts with our advanced aqueous resin latex inks and Industrial printheads.

Designed for years of dependable use, the Pro L5160e features high performance Ricoh AR latex inks offering vivid, long lasting color and durability. Ricoh's MH5441 stainless steel printheads provide, extended life and feature variable drop technology for smooth grayscales, life-like skin tones and image, quality up to 600 x 1200 dpi.

Optimize your workflow and deliver more high-quality applications the same day

High productivity, powerful ColorGATE PS20 Select RIP software, fast cure latex ink and output that is ready for finishing and installation immediately upon exiting the printer make the Pro L5160e the ideal solution for mid to long production runs requiring quick turn around times. Choose CMYK, CMYK+White or choose CMYK + Orange & Green to broaden your revenue streams. 
Prol5160e - overview 04

Take advantage of Ricoh latex printing to provide more applications for safe, durable indoor and outdoor installations

More ways to exceed expectations and drive new business

The RICOH Pro L5160e gives you the versatility to wow customers and drive repeat business with support for roll-to-roll media up to 64" wide and roll cores at 2" or 3" inner diameter. Ricoh's second-generation AR latex inks provide the flexibility to print on pressure-sensitive vinyl, banner media, canvas, paper, backlit/clear films, textiles, adhesives and more. With output fully cured in the printer, you can immediately move on to finishing.
Pro l5160e - applications 04e

Ideal technology for indoor use

GREENGUARD®-certified and odorless*, Ricoh's AR latex inks are the perfect solution for indoor environments including healthcare, hospitality and education. Grow your sales producing indoor applications from posters and signage to way-finding maps, floor graphics, POP displays, fabric soft signage, window and static clings, wall coverings and beyond. Help clients create unique environments and memorable experiences for customers.

*There is a wide range of media with very different odor profiles. Some of the media can affect the odor performance of the final print.

Pro l5160e - applications 03e

Durable and ready for the outdoors

Ricoh's AR latex inks hold their color against the elements, making them ideal for outdoor signage applications. Leverage a  wide range of supported medias with the Pro L5160e  to create lucrative products including event banners, vehicle wraps, bus shelters, Billboards, building wraps, event graphics and more. Use opaque white ink for stunning backlit signage or use orange and green ink to hit brand colors with ease.

Grow your business with décor and wallcovering applications

The Pro L5160e helps you capitalize on lucrative opportunities in  the growing décor market. Print wall decals, murals and custom wallpapers, window coverings, photo-quality canvas artwork, equipment wraps for medical suites and more with vivid color.  Help clients create immersive environments for customers, students and patients fast and affordably, with prints ready for finishing and installation when they exit the printer.
Pro l5160e - applications 05e

Create packaging and labels to service growing demand

The demand for custom packaging is exploding. Help brands set themselves apart by creating packaging proofs, printing and adhering sheets for corrugated packaging, and create labels for food & beverages, cosmetics or other goods in small quantities without investing in exclusive label printers.
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Turn to Ricoh's experts for long-term success

Whether you're looking to streamline workflows or want to learn how to leverage high-value applications in your large-format jobs, Ricoh Professional Services offer a full portfolio of operational and business services to support your success today, tomorrow and down the road.  

New and improved, the Ricoh Pro L5160e features advanced technologies and intelligent design for superb image quality you're counting on to energize your business.

City bus stop poster

Energize your output with Ricoh Aqueous Resin Latex Inks

Ricoh's second-generation AR latex inks feature a high pigment-to-water ratio to provide bright colors and dense, rich blacks. Operator and eco-friendly, these inks require no out-gassing and exit the printer cured and ready for immediate finishing and handling. Designed to be used in both indoor and outdoor settings, Ricoh latex inks are ideal for 
pressure-sensitive and self-adhesive vinyl, banners, canvas, coated and uncoated paper, backlit/clear films, textiles and more.
Pro l5160e-  quality 02e

Rely on Ricoh industrial-grade inkjet printheads

Designed to deliver day-one quality over years of reliable use, Ricoh's MH5441 print heads are constructed of durable stainless steel and feature 1,280 nozzles per printhead with a native resolution of 600 dpi. Multi-drop capabilities allows for 4 levels of gray-scale ensuring precision printing for crisp detail, sharp, accurate text, smooth gradations, and life-like skin tones.
Pro l5160e - quality 03e

Expand your potential with vibrant, high-opacity white ink

Ricoh's high-opacity white latex ink helps expand your printable media range to include clear, dark and colored substrates. Use white as a mid-layer for printing day/night backlit applications, or as a base under CMYK to protect color integrity. As a spot color, opaque white creates an eye-catching element in text, images and patterns to turn heads and capture attention.

Defy the standard gamut with orange and green inks

Maximize your color capabilities and deliver the most accurate color match with CMYK+Orange and Green. Orange and Green inks increase the CMYK gamut by 22%. Approach new customers with the confidence that you can accurately match brand colors across substrates and achieve the smooth gradations, vibrant hues and lifelike imagery your customers are seeking. 

Breakthrough media versatility meets limit-breaking color. Meet the system designed to keep up with the most demanding production environments.

Designed for reliable, predictable performance job after job

With print speeds up to 502.5 sq.ft per hour, the Ricoh Pro L5160e delivers the productivity you're counting on to tackle the most demanding wide format workflows. Configure the Ricoh Pro L5160e to meet your color and workflow priorities by opting for CMYK, CMYK+White or CMYK + Orange & Green* Ink configurations  

*CMYK+Orange & Green requires the RICOH Pro L5160e Color Upgrade Kit Type C3
Pro l5160e - performance 02
Wide format printout close up

Easy to use, with intuitive ColorGATE PS21 Select RIP software included

Go from PDF to finished product in record time with ColorGATE PS21 Select RIP software with intuitive automated workflows, fast recalibration, advanced color and spot color replacement, tiling, nesting, 16 bit rendering and optimized PDF handling with the latest Adobe® PDF Print Engine, designed to give you more speed and control.

Solutions that create opportunity and drive revenue

Use RICOH Supervisor-I software to easily view and monitor basic business metrics, such as ink consumption, print volume, operating time, ink capacity and more from a customizable dashboard.
Engage our Wide Format Professional Services team to capture more opportunities and maximize the efficiency of every job, regardless of the mix of brands on your shop floor.
Collaborate with top experts with the optional Ricoh Wide Format Elite Access professional service. Have a direct channel to industry veterans who provide guidance on complex production challenges.
Pro L5160 control panel

Automated daily maintenance to help maximize uptime

Ricoh's automated daily maintenance station reduces operator intervention and keeps the system performing day after day. Expect consistent quality with the embedded Ricoh reference Patch, which assesses dot position and media feed, detects missing nozzles and auto-registers blocked nozzles ensuring consistency image quality, reliability and reduces waste from misprints. 
Pro L5160 roller

Media loading made simple

Built to support 2" and 3" roll cores and accommodate heavy media rolls up to 121 lbs, the optional media station for the Pro L5160e makes loading media safer and easier for operators. The media feed unit slides out from the printer to provide easy access, simplifying the loading and unloading process.

Get end-to-end document production, in-house.

Professional finishing solutions help maximize what you can produce with the Ricoh Pro L5160. Visit our Configurator Tool to configure the Pro L5160e for your business.
Not all Finishers or Accessories listed in the online 'Configurator Tool' may be applicable for the Canadian market. Please consult your sales representative for more information.

Wide Format Accessories

Attention Light Type C2

The attention light visually alerts operators to changes in printer status such as data in, printing or error occurred.


RICOH Pro L5160e Color Upgrade Kit Type C3

CMYK+Orange & Green configuration requires the RICOH Pro L5160e Color Upgrade Kit Type C3

Wide Format Finishing

Colex Sharpcut SX Series

A fully integrated hardware and software solution that turns your digital cutting table into an efficient short-run production system. This powerful solution provides unmatched productivity by intelligently finishing graphics. Applications include graphics, displays/POP's, packaging and textiles/fabrics and supports a wide range of media. Models include the Sharpcut Creator SX-1717 (5.5' × 5.5'), the Sharpcut Pro SX-1732 (5.5' × 10.5'), the Sharpcut SX-3216 (10' × 5') and the Sharpcut SX-3232 (10' × 10').

General Specifications

Copying/Printing Process

On demand Piezo inkjet system
(3 RICOH MH5441 industrial grade printheads - staggered configuration)

Paper Source



450dpi, 600dpi, 900dpi, 1200dpi

Ink Type

Latex Ink (2nd Generation AR Ink)

Memory Capacity

Ricoh Software RIP Memory: 16GB or more

Hard Disk Drive

750GB or more

Max Power Consumption

Operate: 6000W
Sleep: 5.2W
Off: 0.3W

Dimensions W x D x H

129.9" × 39.3" × 59"
(3,000 × 1,000 × 1,500mm)

Maximum Thickness

Up to 0.43 mm (17 mil)

Original Feed

Media Type: Pressure-sensitive and self-adhesive vinyl, banners, canvas, coated and uncoated paper, backlit/clear films, textiles and more

Original Paper Weight

Media Weight: Maximum 121 lbs. (55 kg) or less

Original Paper Width

64" (1625mm)

Power Source

AC208-240V 16A 50/60Hz × 2 lines


848.8 lbs. (385 kg)

Printer Specifications


RICOH Software RIP CPU: Intel Core i7 or later

Print Resolution

Full Color Printing
6 pass 600dpi x 450dpi
8 pass 600dpi x 600dpi
12 pass 600dpi x 900dpi
16 pass 600dpi x 1200dpi
32 pass 600dpi x 1200dpi

Print Speed

Production Mode: up to 502.5 sq. ft. per hr.

Supported File Formats

RICOH Software RIP Input Formats: EPS, PS, PDF, Remote Proofing, Targa, TIFF, JPEG, BMP, DIB, Scitex CT, JPEG, PSD, PSD Large, GIF, PC Paintbrush, Photo CD, MrSID, ILS, PNG, JDF

Supported OS

Operating Systems:(64 bit recommended) Microsoft Windows 8.1 (Pro, Enterprise)Microsoft Windows 10 (Pro, Enterprise)Microsoft Windows Server 2012Microsoft Windows Server 2016Microsoft Windows Server 2019(Apple Mac OS × 10.5.2 or later with Parallels Desktop 4.0 or later for Mac)

Product Support

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