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Pro C5200s/C5210s

Cutsheet Colour Printer

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Deliver production speed and quality to clients in-house

The RICOH Pro C5200s/C5210s Cutsheet Colour Printers deliver the high-end output typical of larger production printers in a right-sized, right-cost solution. With superior image quality, extensive substrate support, robust finishing options and enhanced digital capabilities, the Pro C5200s/C5210s provides businesses, small to mid-sized print shops and high-volume printing environments with the capabilities to produce short run, quick-turnaround jobs in-house.

Delight your audience with a broader range of possibilities

From oversized printing that supports six-panel brochures to the ability to run heavy and synthetic media, the Pro C5200s/C5210s delivers what you want most: more choices to stand out from the crowd and get your message across.

Count on colour quality, from the first page to the last

We've designed the Pro C5200s/C5210s with the same powerful imaging technology, revolutionary toner and advanced features you'll find in our top-end, high-volume digital production presses. Produce high-quality colour applications at the scale your operation needs to be successful.

Finishing choices to suit your workflow

Keep finishing work in-house and deliver more value to your clients with a versatile range of choices for end-to-end document production. From business cards to bound booklets, postcards to fold-out direct mail, it has never been easier to automate and output finished work quickly, professionally and affordably.

Production productivity meets ultimate affordability

Whether you're tackling a day's worth of short-run work or handling the overflow from your larger systems, the Pro C5200s/C5210s digital press is ready to handle your demands, day in and day out.


Captivate your audience with standout applications. 


More oversized media choices

Tell a bigger story with six-panel brochures, posters and more thanks to oversized printing up to 13" x 27.5"*. The Tray Kit option lets you load up to 2,000 sheets of 13" x 19.2" paper, and the system's standard substrate support of up to 360 gsm gives you the flexibility to choose from a wider range of media. *With optional feed unit

Enhance your creative output with specialty media

Create eye-catching output across heavy coated media, mixed media, packaging templates and more to help your clients achieve outstanding results. Paper weight detection helps ensure optimal print quality when paper type and thickness differ from one job to the next, and solid fusing rollers with a small diameter improve the separation of thin paper stocks from the fusing roller. Print a wider range of applications, including:








Capture more attention with variable data printing

Variable data printing (VDP) offers another avenue to help clients improve response rates with marketing communications. Go after profitable, on-demand variable data print jobs and use color VDP to create even stronger connections with consumers. Applications that see increased ROI from personalization include direct mail, business cards, coupons, statements and invoices.

Simplify media settings using the Paper Library

Streamline job setup and achieve consistent, repeatable results the next time you print. The Pro C5200s/C5210s features an intuitive Paper Library that allows you to select a stock directly from the control panel while it automatically adjusts internal settings to produce precise output based on media type. Select from up to 1,000 preset or custom paper profiles and choose from a variety of paper settings for quick, automated adjustments to a variety of media types.

The optional Media Identification Unit takes the guesswork out of media setup. It displays paper size, stock type and other key details, automatically associating these media properties with the closest available match in the paper library to help you eliminate printing errors and easily match customer samples.


Ricoh Professional Services

Looking to produce more complex print projects? Not sure how to integrate VDP into your current workflows to add new dimensions to your direct mail and other work? Ricoh offers a full portfolio of consulting services designed to identify your business goals and craft the most effective strategy to achieve them, from operator training to business continuity. How can we help you achieve greater success?

We've packed our most impressive technology into a compact footprint to deliver the quality you need at the quantities that match your workload.


Powerful VCSEL image technology

The Pro C5200s/C5210s cutsheet colour printers deliver stunning image quality thanks to the same technology employed in our most advanced digital production printers. Ricoh's revolutionary VCSEL (Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Laser) technology releases 40 laser beams simultaneously, resulting in 1200 × 4800 dpi image resolution. This powerful printing technology minimizes colour shift and delivers print quality with crisp text, fine lines and realistic images.

PxP Toner for superior, vibrant colour

The smaller, more uniform particles of our revolutionary PxP Chemical Toner improve adhesion across a wide range of textured media. Oil-free fusing and a lower melting point reduce energy requirements, while the chemical toner composition offers closer color control compared to offset, making these digital presses an excellent choice for in-plants or commercial printers producing applications where high-quality is non-negotiable.

Paper registration

Two distinct registration technologies provide front to back registration that meets even the most exacting standards: Magnification Correction allows you to manually input the paper feed direction for greater control; Pixel Clock Frequency enables you to shift an image by 1/32 dot size at 600 dpi, ensuring flawless alignment.

Predictable, consistent colour & image control

To ensure brand colours, logos and images reproduce accurately across multiple substrates, the Pro C5200s/C5210s utilizes key imaging technologies that deliver outstanding results:

  • Active Toner Density Control maintains consistent toner levels inside the developer unit at all times, stabilizing image quality on short and long print runs.
  • Solid Fusing Belt Smoothing Roller (Manual/Automatic) minimizes scratch marks on prints by smoothing rough edges.
  • 1 mm Photoconductor Gap (PG) reduces space between the OPC drum and development roller, minimizing the possibility of banding.
  • The Enhanced Cleaning Web reduces toner particles generated during fusing. If a paper jam occurs during fusing, the web unit separates from the pressure roller to avoid toner displacement, resulting in crisp, clean prints.

Colour Management Services

Ricoh has the expertise to help you identify and implement a colour management strategy built around your goals. Learn how to produce consistent colour, reduce waste and work seamlessly across devices for ultimate operational flexibility. Plus, you can secure your G7 Master Printer Qualification to be part of an elite set of highly sought after vendors with proven skills.

Tight turnarounds and on-demand jobs have met their match. The Pro C5200s/C5210s helps you satisfy demanding deadlines without sacrificing your space or your budget.

Drive more productivity in a smaller space

The Pro C5200s/C5210s cutsheet printers excel at delivering impeccable quality and performance to handle light production workloads with ease in PC® or Mac® environments. With print and copy speeds up to 80 ppm and monthly volumes up to 150,000 impressions, you can maximize productivity in almost any space.


Paper capacity

Standard paper capacity is 3,850 sheets, with optional large capacity input trays providing a maximum of 8,250 sheets for longer runs. On-the-fly paper replacement allows operators to load media in idle trays while the system is running, saving time and driving greater efficiency.


Choose your controller

Get enhanced workflow management with Ricoh's standard controller. For complex jobs and VDP workflows, two Fiery® Controller options offer optimal color file processing and print-on-demand productivity: the Fiery® Colour Controller and the server-based Fiery® Color Controller E-44B. Add VDP software or Ricoh TotalFlow® Production Manager to further simplify complex print jobs.

Intuitive user controls

Configure your device with Ricoh's standard control panel or our optional Smart Operation Panel.

The standard 9" full-colour touch screen control panel offers operators intuitive visual guidance for fast job execution. Users can easily access a wide variety of image control and multifunction features, and can customize the display with programmable shortcut icons for quick completion of basic or advanced tasks.

Ricoh's 10.1" Smart Operation Panel delivers the full functionality of our standard control panel, but with the look, feel and ease of use of a tablet device. The Android-based operating system provides a wide range of customization options along with swipe, pinch, drag & drop interactivity.


Easily capture and distribute documents

Benefit from copying, scanning and document distribution options. Quickly capture work in full colour from the 100-Sheet Automatic Document Feeder with single pass, duplex scanning at up to 220 ipm. Share and distribute information with Scan-to-Email, Folder and Document Server, as well as USB and SD card media. The system needs no separate delivery server, relying on internal memory and existing network assets to send and receive data.

More uptime for predictable job delivery

Minimize downtime with Trained Customer Replaceable Units (TCRU), on-the-fly toner replacement and intelligent status indicators:

Active Tray Indicator

The Active Tray Indicator allows users to quickly locate and refill idle paper trays while a print job is in progress, avoiding misfeeds by identifying which tray is in use.

Misfeed Detection

Misfeed detection is achieved through the system's visual LED guidance, which illuminates on the paper tray to help users locate and quickly resolve the misfeed.

Elevated Operator Call Light

The Elevated Operator Call Light enables users to check system status at-a-glance.


Document security you can count on

Secure your information with a production printer that provides multiple layers of protection. The DataOverwriteSecurity System (DOSS) and Standard HDD Encryption help safeguard data on the hard drive, even after the system reaches end of life. The Secure Print option (via Fiery® Controller) allows a user to print confidential documents only when present at the device, and the optional Near Field Communications (NFC) Card Reader requires users to scan an ID card to begin print tasks.

Improve energy efficiency

ENERGY STAR® certified and EPEAT® Gold rated, the environmentally friendly Pro C5200s/C5210s cutsheet printers take an intelligent approach to lowering environmental impact and total cost of ownership. Standard single-pass duplex scanning, chemical toner with a low melting point, and the programmable power on/off function all make reducing energy use automatic.

Get end-to-end document production, in-house.

Professional finishing solutions help maximize what you can produce with the Ricoh Pro C5200s/Pro C5210s. Visit our Configurator Tool to configure the Pro C5200s/Pro C5210s for your business.

Not all Finishers or Accessories listed in the online 'Configurator Tool' may be applicable for the Canadian market. Please consult your sales representative for more information.

Booklet Makers

GBC StreamPunch Ultra MP

The GBC StreamPunch Ultra MP uses a variety of easily interchangeable die sets to punch documents inline in a variety of different binding styles. Sheets are punched on the fly with no reduction in overall productivity, and are delivered in neatly punched stacks to the system's shift tray. This item is only compatible with GBC StreamPunch Ultra sets.

Plockmatic Production Booklet Maker PBM350-m

The Plockmatic PBM350-m is a modular, inline booklet making solution ideal for businesses that require the ability to produce folded and stapled booklets up to 140 pages, inline and in-house. System options include Book Fold Module, Cover Feeder, Rotate Crease Trim, and Face Trimmer.

Paper Handling

SR4000 Series Output Tray for Banner Sheet Type S6

Banner sheet output tray for either the SR4120 Finisher or SR4130 Booklet Finisher. Supports a stack of 50 sheets of paper up to 13" x 27.5" and paper weights up to 110 lb. Cover/300 g/m2.

SR5000 Series Output Tray for Banner Sheet Type S6

Banner sheet output tray for the SR5050/SR5070/SR5110 Finishers or SR5060/SR5080/SR5120 Booklet Finishers*. Supports a stack of 200 sheets of paper up to 13" x 27.5" and paper weights up to 110 lb. Cover/300 g/m2.
*Finisher-printer compatibility varies based on configuration.

Banner Sheet Guide Tray for A3/11"x17" LCIT Type S6

The Banner Sheet Guide Tray for A3/11" × 17" LCIT Type S6 holds up to 250 sheets of unique, oversized stocks in sizes up to 13" × 27.5" and weights of up to 300gsm. It is ideal for environments that print oversized documents via the bypass tray and is helpful in preventing paper skew and damage.

Multi Bypass Banner Sheet Tray Type S6

The Multi Bypass Banner Sheet Tray Type S6 allows the addition of up to 50 sheets of unique, oversized stocks in sizes up to 13" × 27.5" and weights of up to 300 gsm.

Booklet Finishers

2,500-sheet Booklet Finisher with 100-sheet Stapler SR5080

The 2,500-sheet Booklet Finisher produces professionally finished, paginated, duplexed, saddle-stitched folded booklets. Up to 20 sheets can be saddle-stitched. It also offers 100-sheet, multi-position stapling, mixed sized stapling, optional hole-punching, and shift-sort collating.

2,000-sheet Booklet Finisher with 65-sheet Stapler SR4130

The 2,000-sheet Booklet Finisher produces professionally finished, paginated, duplexed, saddle-stitched folded booklets. Up to 20 sheets can be saddle-stitched. It also offers 65-sheet, multi-position stapling, mixed sized stapling, optional hole-punching, and shift-sort collating.

Sheet Finishers

3,000-sheet Finisher with 100-sheet Stapler SR5070

This 3,000-Sheet Finisher offers precise multi-position stapling of up to 100 sheets at a time, for media sizes up to 13" × 19.2". The unit also offers a shift tray that holds 3,000 sheets and a 250-sheet proof tray. Two and three-hole punch options are available. Staple positions include top, bottom, 2 staples, and top-slant.

3,000-sheet Finisher with 65-sheet Stapler SR4120

This 3,000-sheet Finisher is ideal for production environments that produce collated and stapled sets of documents. It offers 65-sheet, multi-position stapling, mixed sized stapling, optional hole-punching, and shift-sort collating.


Multi-folding Unit FD4000

Provides automatic inline document folding with the ability to deliver folded output in six different patterns; Half‑Fold, Letter Fold‑In (Tri‑Fold), Letter Fold-Out (Tri‑Fold), Gate-Fold, Double Parallel Fold (Four‑Fold), and Z‑Fold. The unit is ideal for the production of professionally folded documents such as newsletters, brochures, menus, programs, guides, and marketing materials in-house.

Cover Interposers

Cover Interposer, 2 Source CI4020

A Dual Cover Interposer that allows pre-printed covers and inserts to be easily fed into the finishing workflow at the touch of a button. This option eliminates the need for time-consuming off-line manual insertion and reduces the wear and tear on originals. Compatible with Finisher SR5070 or Booklet Finisher SR5080 only.

Cover Interposer Tray CI4040

A Single Cover Interposer that allows pre-printed covers and inserts to be easily fed into the finishing workflow at the touch of a button. This option eliminates the need for time-consuming off-line manual insertion and reduces the wear and tear on originals. Compatible with Finisher SR4120 or Booklet Finisher SR4130 only.


Decurl Unit DU5020

The Paper Decurl Unit is ideal for production environments that frequently produce jobs with high toner coverage on thin paper and paper with long grain, as it significantly reduces the natural curl that can occur, delivering sheets with optimal flatness. Recommended with medias prone to curl or in high humidity environments.

Buffer Pass Unit Type S6

The Buffer Pass Unit minimizes toner blocking on stacked, coated paper by cooling output prior to the media entering a finishing unit. Recommended for printing on coated stocks, or with high toner coverage. One of the following finishers must be selected to add this option: Finisher SR5070, Finisher SR4120, Booklet Finisher SR5080, or Booklet Finisher SR4130.

System Specifications

Print/Copy Process

4 drum dry electrostatic transfer system with internal transfer belt


Oil-less belt fusing method

System Memory

640 GB (320 GB x 2)/4.0 GB


Intel® Atom Processor BayTrail-I 1.91GHz

Document Feeder Type

220-Sheet ADF with single-pass color duplex scanning at up to 220 ipm


Standard: Ethernet 1000Base-T/100Base-TX/10Base-T, USB Type A x 3, USB Type B x1, SD Slot

Control Panel

Standard: Full-color 9" WVGA touch panel; Optional: Full-color 10.1" Smart Operation Panel

Copy Resolution

600 dpi

Print Resolution

Up to 1200 x 4800 dpi

Scan Resolution

600 dpi

Max Printable Area

Up to 12.7" x 18.9" (323 x 480mm) (from platen)

Output Speed

Pro C5200s: 65 ppm (FC/B&W)
Pro C5210s: 80 ppm (FC/B&W)

Paper Capacity

Tray 1: 1,250 x 2
Trays 2 - 3: 550 x 2
Bypass Tray: 250 sheets; Supports duplex
Total Standard/Max. Capacity: 3,850/8,250 sheets

Paper Size

Tray 1: 8.5" x 11"
Trays 2 - 3: 5.5" x 8.5" to 13" x 19.2"
Bypass: 5.5" x 8.5" to 13" x 19.2", Envelopes

Paper Weight

Trays 1-3: 16 lb. Bond - 110 lb. Cover (52 - 300 g/m²)
Bypass Tray: 16 lb. Bond - 130 lb. Cover (52 - 360 g/m²)
Duplex: 16 lb. Bond - 110 lb. Cover (52 - 300 g/m²)

Max Monthly Volume


Duty Cycle


Power Requirements

208 - 240 V/12A/60 Hz (dedicated)

Maximum Power Consumption

2,400W or less

Typical Electricity Consumption (TEC)

Pro C5200s: 6.25 kWh/week
Pro C5210s: 7.44 kWh/week

Dimensions W x D x H

31.4" x 34.6" x 64.9" (799 x 880 x 1,648mm) (incl. ADF and Status Light Pole)


Less than 576.4 lbs. (262 kg)

Copier Features

Document Server, Simplified Display, Auto Paper Selection, Auto Start, Auto Tray Switching, Auto Image Density, Auto Color Calibration, Interrupt Copy, User Codes (1,000), Job Programs (25), Color Erase/Convert/Overlay, Electronic Sort/Stack, Image Rotation, Rotate Sorting, Bates Numbering, Multiple Security Features (DOSS, Data Encryption (AES256bit/SHA2), Network User Authentication, Unauthorized Copy Control, Mandatory Security Information Print (Compulsory Security Stamp), SMTP over SSL