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Pro 8210s/8220s/8210/8220

Cutsheet Black & White Printer

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Power growth with enhanced monochrome performance

With stunning image quality, reliable uptime performance, and more options to finish work in-line, near-line or off-line, the RICOH Pro 8210s/8220s/8210/8220 Cutsheet Black & White Printers enable you to take a fresh look at your monochrome work, run your operations more efficiently and build better margins into every job.
  • Take on more high volume printing work with the confidence to reliably produce monthly volumes of 1,000,000 pages
  • Deliver fast turnarounds with print speeds of up to 136 ppm
  • Produce stunning 1200 × 4800 dpi output at sizes up to 27.5 inches
  • Keep jobs running seamlessly with on-the-fly paper and toner replacement
  • Perform proactive maintenance on your schedule with optional TCRU Kits
diversity in media

Meet the full range of your customers' demands

Superior performance across a range of media — from the lightest, most inexpensive papers to high-quality linen stocks — gives you the flexibility to produce more of the output your customers need. Print applications from product manuals and legal disclosures to elegant invitations, brochures and books.
digital press

Expect more from your black & white digital press

Go from long runs of financial disclosures to short runs of gallery-quality artwork without worry. Produce sharp, fine lines, text and graphics while preserving clean white spaces. Easily create smooth, seamless gradients and halftones, and dazzle customers with the quality of your work.
digital press

End-to-end document production, simplified

Enjoy more choices with inline, near-line and off-line finishing. From simple stapling to saddle-stitched booklets and perfect-bound books, ring-bound documents, multiple folds for mailers and more, the Pro 8210s/8220s/8210/8220 lets you create customer-ready documents with ease.
More power for more volume: Master your monochrome workflows

More power for more volume. Master your monochrome workflows.

The RICOH Pro 8210s/8220s/8210/8220 production printers are built to perform. Get faster output times, robust paper capacity, high-speed scanning and built-in security with our family of printer and multifunction models.

From oversized media to synthetics and heavy stocks, more applications mean more business for you. Broaden your offerings and confidently target new markets.

oversized printing

Maximize your media — and your message

Oversized printing capabilities up to 13" x 27.5"* allow you to do more than simply print stunning brochures, book-wraps, direct mailers and posters. A larger media size gives you the chance to optimize media across a wide range of jobs and get more from every sheet — including stocks up to 130 lb. cover (350 gsm) when configured with the optional Vacuum Feed LCT. *Requires optional feed unit.

Take on specialized print jobs with more media choices

Say yes to more commercial printing work requiring extremely lightweight stocks, like product manuals or legal prospectuses, in addition to high-end work including linen invitations or gallery-quality prints. Support for MICR*, NCR forms, coated and uncoated media, magnetics and synthetics lets you affordably produce high-quality marketing materials such as direct mail, window decals and hang tags. Print clearly on coloured media for more impact. *Available on specific systems only.

book covers

Beautiful book covers

NCR forms

NCR forms

MICR printing

MICR printing

variable data printing

Get personal for higher profitability

Variable data printing (VDP) support adds profitability and responsiveness to jobs like direct mail, account and billing statements, policy handbooks, and coupons. In addition to enhancing customer communications and driving better engagement, personalization capabilities offer exciting new commercial printing business opportunities.
paper library

A Paper Library that adjusts the settings for you

Don't waste time guessing the proper media settings. The system comes equipped with an Intuitive Paper Library that allows you to select a stock directly from the panel, while it automatically adjusts to produce precise output based on media type. Operators of all levels can achieve repeatable results quickly, without the guesswork, and deliver the best possible end product.
Man talking to smiling woman

Let Ricoh's experts help you achieve greater success.

Want to handle more data-driven work? Perhaps your goal is to drive greater efficiency, but you're not sure where to start. From advanced operator training to workflow automation, process efficiencies, multi-channel marketing solutions and beyond, Ricoh offers a full portfolio of consulting services aimed at helping you achieve business success.

Consistently produce stunning images with fine lines and seamless gradation.

monochrome standards

Raise your monochrome image standards

Whether you're producing a magazine or a financial statement, customers deserve rich, bold images and graphics. Ricoh's revolutionary VCSEL (Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Laser) technology emits 40 laser beams simultaneously, resulting in 1200 × 4800 dpi image resolution. This powerful printing technology minimizes monochrome colour shift and delivers crisp text, fine lines and realistic image reproduction.
PxP toner

Advanced PxP Toner for smooth gradients and crisp lines

Enhanced toner composition delivers smaller, more uniform particles that produce sharper dots on each page, resulting in smooth, seamless gradients and halftone images. A lower fusing temperature saves energy and lower toner pile height reduces supply needs, while twin toner bottles allow for on-the-fly replacement while a job is running.

Uncompromising paper registration

Ricoh's high-volume production printing systems feature our special Mechanical Paper Registration Unit for exceptionally accurate output. Innovative registration technology automatically adjusts the image area to correct for any shift in media size when duplex printing. Magnification Correction offers a user-adjustable setting to determine paper feed direction for even greater control, while Pixel Clock Frequency gives you the ability to adjust an image by 1/48 dot size for incredibly precise front-to-back alignment.
scratch marks

Avoid scratch marks, streaks and jitter

The Indirect Image Transfer Mechanism eliminates scratch marks, toner scatter, shock jitter and other image transfer issues, allowing you to handle a broader range of media. Oil-free belt fusing uses a soft belt mechanism, with a new fusing separation plate that eliminates contact with the hot roller, preventing scratches and gloss streaks.

Performance to match the pace of your most demanding jobs.

Rely on power, speed and productivity to deliver your high-volume workloads on time and on budget.

With the ability to handle up to 1,000,000 pages per month, the RICOH Pro 8210s/8220s/8210/8220 digital presses are designed to meet critical print production needs, including reliability and durability. Available at speeds of 111 and 136 pages per minute, you'll get the speed and functionality you require — at a price you can afford.
printer configuration
high volume printing

Capacity for high-volume workloads

All printer models come standard with a 3,300 sheet paper capacity and can be configured to achieve a maximum capacity of 12,650 sheets, with up to nine media pick points. High capacity stackers and roller carts contribute to the overall productivity of your operations. Active tray indicators and on-the-fly paper replacement make it easy for operators to refill or change media in idle trays while the system is running.

fiery controller

A controller to fit your needs

Rely on Ricoh's standard controller or the optional EFI Fiery® EB-34 Controller to manage datastreams and provide the perfect level of power and flexibility for your workflows. Operations currently employing Fiery® controllers can easily incorporate the EB-34 to help with load balancing for graphics-intensive workflows containing a mix of color and black and white jobs.

Put more control at your fingertips

Put more control at your fingertips

An intelligent 10.4" SVGA control panel features a customizable display with intuitive visual guidance and programmable shortcut icons, enabling quick completion of basic or advanced tasks for faster job execution. It displays essential operator information such as paper types in trays, jobs in queue and supply information. Embedded card slots on the control panel provide walk-up convenience, with the ability to load jobs directly from USB drives and SD cards.

Capture and share vital documents

The Pro 8210s/8220s provide a robust 200-Sheet Single-pass Automatic Document Feeder that scans at up to 110 ipm (Simplex) and 220 ipm (Duplex), with the Double-feed Detection Kit ensuring consistent paper handling. Quickly and efficiently distribute documents throughout your organization or directly to customers with Scan-to features including Email/Folder/SMB/URL/FTP/NCP, USB/SD, and PDF/A. Optional OCR capabilities create searchable PDF files.

Experience impressive uptime

Minimize disruption to your workflows with smart features designed to keep your system up and running.

Misfeed Detection

New technology makes clearing misfeeds fast and simple, with on-screen animation and interior LED lights guiding users to misfed media, along with internal purge trays for quicker recovery.
inside paper feed
paper trays

Trained Customer Replaceable Units

The Trained Customer Replaceable Units (TCRU) Premium Services Program gives you the opportunity to have key operators trained to replace components including the developer unit, drum and feed rollers without the need to schedule a service call. Proactively maintain the system on your schedule.

Fleet Monitoring

For fleet monitoring, leverage Ricoh's Web Image Monitor or @remote program. Instantly gain insight into the status of your system without needing an operator at the machine to relay information.
man looking at laptop
IPDS support

True IPDS support, plus powerful software solutions

The RICOH Pro 8210s/8220s/8210/8220 cutsheet printers support true IPDS integration to help you easily connect to legacy datastreams while delivering more cost-effective and higher-quality printing. Utilize Ricoh's suite of TotalFlow® software to make prepress and production workflows more automated and efficient, from job start through completion.

Data security for even the most regulated environments

IEEE 2600.1 Certification and a host of built-in security features make it easier than ever to keep your data secure:
  • DataOverwriteSecurity System (DOSS) automatically overwrites the area of the hard drive used for image processing after the completion of each job.
  • The standard Hard Drive Data Encryption function encodes data stored on the hard disk drive, address book and more. Data files are safeguarded even if the hard drive is removed.
  • Locked Print releases files only when the operator enters their ID and passcode at the system's control panel.
  • Lockable stackers and system trays ensure that only those with granted access can remove raw media and printed documents from locked sources.
print responsibly

Print responsibly for the next generation

For organizations in search of more environmentally friendly solutions, the RICOH Pro 8210s/8220s/8210/8220 printer family qualifies at the Gold level for EPEAT® (Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool) imaging equipment, and is ENERGY STAR® certified. Ricoh's digital presses promote energy efficiency and environmental sustainability, continuing our legacy of helping to ensure a greener tomorrow.

Get end-to-end document production, in-house.

Professional finishing solutions help maximize what you can produce with the Ricoh Pro 8210s/Pro 8220s/8210/8220. Configure the Pro 8210s/Pro 8220s/8210/8220 for your business with our Configurator Tool: Pro 8210s/8220s and Pro 8210/8220.

Not all Finishers or Accessories listed in the online 'Configurator Tool' may be applicable for the Canadian market. Please consult your sales representative for more information.

Paper Handling

A3/DLT Tray Unit TK5010

The A3/DLT Tray Unit provides the flexibility to expand paper capacity for larger sizes without taking up too much space by converting a standard paper drawer to an 11” x 17” drawer. While installed, the tray can hold up to 1,000 sheets.

Multi Bypass Tray BY5010

Enables up to 550 sheets of uncoated stocks in sizes up to 13” x 19.2”. Choose Multi Bypass Oversize Sheet Tray Type S3 as a plastic extender for BY5010 to accommodate oversize prints.

A4/LT Large Capacity Tray RT5070

The A4/LT Large Capacity Tray has a 5,000 maximum sheet capacity and 8.5” × 11” media capabilities with weight support of up to 216 gsm. Ideal for environments that produce long runs on letter sized paper. The LCIT RT5070 cannot be installed with LCIT RT5080, Vacuum Feed LCIT RT5100, Multi Bypass Attachment Kit for Vacuum Feed LCIT Type S3, Multi Bypass Banner Sheet Tray Type S3, or any related options.

A3/DLT Large Capacity Tray RT5080

The A3/DLT Large Capacity Tray has a 4,400 maximum sheet capacity and media capabilities of up to 13” × 19.2”. It also easily handles weights of up to 300 gsm thanks to an air-assisted paper feed. The LCIT RT5080 cannot be installed with LCIT RT5070 or any related options.

Multi Bypass Banner Sheet Tray Type S3

Extended tray for the Multi Bypass Tray BY5010 to accommodate oversized media. Multi Bypass Tray BY5010 must be installed to add this option.

Vacuum Feed LCIT RT5100

4,400 sheet Vacuum Feed LCIT that can handle paper sizes up to 13” x 19.2” and paper weights up to 150 lb. (400 gsm). Users can configure up to 3 Vacuum Feed LCITs to the system. Note: Bridge Unit BU5010 must be added between each LCIT. Colored and clear media only supported on Vacuum Feed LCIT.


Trimmer Unit TR5040

Cuts the front edge of the book block after the book block is saddle-stitched by the Booklet Finisher SR5060. Face trim only.

Cover Interposers

Cover Interposer CI5030

The Cover Interposer CI5030 allows you to feed pre-printed covers and inserts into the finishing workflow more easily. Eliminate time-consuming offline manual insertion, reduce wear and tear on originals, and produce front and back covers with speed and efficiency.

Plockmatic High Capacity Interposer HCI3500

The Plockmatic High Capacity Interposer enables the automatic and inline insertion of a wide range of paper stocks up to 350 gsm within a single booklet. Vacuum feed technology ensures that thicker stocks are fed smoothly every time. Take advantage of two trays with 3,500-sheet total paper capacity and insert color covers and inserts in black and white runs.


Multi-Folding Unit FD5020

The Multi-Folding Unit FD5020 allows you to offer your customers multiple folding options and meet more of their marketing needs. Execute up to six professional folding patterns inline, including Half-Fold, Tri-Fold, Gate-Fold, Double Parallel, and Z-Fold.

Perfect Binders

Perfect Binder GB5010

Produce professionally trimmed, glue-bound, wrap around books of up to 200-sheets with covers and weights of up to 300 gsm. This inline option is ideal for catalogs, course books, small magazines, directories, and more.

Ring Binders

Ring Binder RB5020

Produce finished ring-bound booklets inline. Automatically collate, hole-punch, insert and close rings for up to 100-sheet documents with no manual intervention, reducing labor costs and minimizing errors.


High Capacity Stacker SK5030

For stacking up to 5,000 sheets of paper. Up to two stackers can be configured per engine.

Booklet Makers

Plockmatic PBM 500

A productivity-enhancing booklet making system that can be used inline or offline. Staple up to 50 sheets to create booklets up to 200 pages. Model is configurable with a Book Fold Module, Cover Feeder, Rotate Crease Trim, and Face Trimmer for utmost precision.

GBC StreamPunch Ultra

Create professional-quality documents for a wide media range with in-line printing, punching, and collating. Streamline workflow and dramatically reduce labor costs. This feature supports: Tab Punching, "Double Punch" Capability, Enhanced Line Speeds, Expanded Media Gamut, Variable Sheet Sizes, Adjustable Backage, and Die Set Detection.


RPIP Interface Port Type S3

Enable the inline connectivity of select third party finishing peripherals. This powerful solution greatly enhances your workflow, reduces labor time, and maximizes the value of traditional offline finishing equipment. Connect inline to the following finishing options: CP Bourg Booklet Maker BM-e, CP Bourg Watkiss PowerSquare™ 224, DSF-2000 Sheet Feeder and DBM-350 Booklet Maker

System Specifications

Print/Copy Process

Electrostatic transfer with indirect image transfer system


Oil-less belt-fusing method

System Memory

2 GB RAM / 640 GB (320 x 2) HDD


Intel® Celeron® Processor P4505 - 1.86 GHz

Document Feeder Type

Standard 220-Sheet ADF with single-pass color duplex scanning (Pro 8210s/8220s only

Control Panel

Full-color 10.4" SVGA touch panel

Copy Resolution

Up to 1200 x 4800 dpi

Print Resolution

Up to 1200 x 4800 dpi

Scan Resolution

Up to 600 dpi (TWAIN: 1200 dpi)

Max Printable Area

12.6" x 18.9" (320 x 480 mm)

Output Speed

Pro 8210s/8210: 111 ppm
Pro 8220s/8220: 136 ppm

Paper Capacity

Tray 1: 2,200 sheets (1,100 x 2)
Trays 2 - 3: 1,100 sheets (550 x 2)
Trays 4 - 6 with optional A4/LT LCT: 5,000 sheets
Trays 4 - 6 with optional A3/DLT LCT: 4,400 sheets
Vacuum-Feed LCIT Trays (optional): 4,400 sheets
Bypass Tray: 550 sheets
Total Standard Capacity: 3,300 sheets
Total Optional Capacity: 12,650 sheets (with RT5100 LCITs)

Paper Size

Tray 1: 8.5" x 11"
Trays 2 - 3: 5.5" x 8.5" to 13" x 18"
Trays 4 - 6 with optional A4/LT LCT: 5.5" x 8.5" to 8.5" x 11"
Trays 4 - 6 with optional A3/DLT LCT: 5.5" x 8.5" to 13" x 19.2"
Vacuum-Feed LCIT Trays: 5.5" x 8.5" to 13" x 19.2"
Bypass Tray: 5.5" x 8.5" to 13" x 19.2";
Custom Size: 3.94" x 5.5" to 13" x 19.2"

Paper Weight

Trays 1 - 3: 14 lb. Bond - 95 lb. Cover (52 - 256 g/m2)
Trays 4 - 5 with optional A4/LT LCT: 14 lb. Bond - 80 lb. Cover (52 - 216 g/m2)
Tray 6 with optional A4/LT LCT: 14 lb. Bond - 60 lb. Cover (52 - 163 g/m2)
Trays 4 and 6 with optional A3/DLT LCT: 14 lb. Bond - 95 lb. Cover (52 - 256 g/m2)
Tray 5 with optional A3/DLT LCT: 11 lb. Bond - 110 lb. Cover (40 - 300 g/m2)
Vacuum-Feed LCIT: 11 lb. Bond - 130 lb. Cover (40 - 350 g/m2) simplex; 14 lb. Bond - 110 lb. Cover (52 - 300 g/m2) duplex
Bypass Tray: 14 lb. Bond - 80 lb. Cover (52 - 216 g/m2)

Power Requirements

208-240V, 50/60Hz, 20A (dedicated)

Maximum Power Consumption

Pro 8210s/8220s: 3,400 W
Pro 8210/8220: 3,600 W

Typical Electricity Consumption (TEC)

Pro 8210: 14.0 kWh/wk
Pro 8210s: 14.0 kWh/wk
Pro 8220: 17.5 kWh/wk
Pro 8220s: 17.4 kWh/wk

Dimensions W x D x H

45" x 35.4" x 45.1" (1,141 x 900 x 1,146 mm)


Pro 8210s/8220s: 937 lbs. (425 kg)
Pro 8210/8220: 904 lbs. (410 kg)

Copier Features

Pro 8210s/8220s only
Duplex, Simplified Display, Auto Paper Selection, Auto Reduce/Enlarge, Auto Start, Auto Tray Switching, Auto Image Density, User Codes(1,000), Job Programs (25), Electronic Sort/Stack, Image Rotation, Interrupt Copy, User Tools, Job Presets, Book/Series/Combine Copying, Cover/Chapter/Slip Sheet, Tabs, Sample Copy, Stamps/Numbering, Bates Numbering, Shift/Erase/Margin Adjustment, Customizable Home Screen, Import/Export of Preference Settings, Eco-Friendly Indicator, Power On/Off Timer, Energy Saver, Weekly Timer, External USB Keyboard Support, MFP Browser for Web Image Monitor and @Remote, Copy Reservation (8), A3/DLT Counter, Mixed Originals/Batch Mode