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Workflow Solutions for Legal

Keep your legal work top of mind

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Ricoh has over 25 years of experience working with the legal industry.

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Your job is to practice law, not push papers. Enlist Ricoh's high-tech Workflow Solutions for Legal to capture, transform and manage your information — no matter the format — so that it’s accessible when, how and where you need it.

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Rethink the way you work

Our hardware and scanning solutions turn your paper records into actionable digital data, fast.

Do more with your files. With our streamlined workflow and scanning solutions we can show you how to integrate your paper documents with your existing document management system, and store them in an electronic repository. We can also help you scan documents that are in file boxes or in storage as a way to get your streamlined workflow going.


When that information is converted to a digital format, it will empower your firm to quickly and efficiently share and distribute it to anyone who needs it.

Paper can be pricey

Reduce labour costs associated with managing, tracking and using your paper documents.

Holding onto and managing your paper documents can cost your organization time and money. Not just the slow, inefficient processes you need to work with those documents, but also the expense of storing and retrieving them. Moving those documents from paper to digital can reduce your operating costs and help your legal team become more efficient and productive.
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Stay one step ahead

Court filings can have strict requirements — make sure you get them right.

Once your documents are digital, you can more easily and effectively meet court-mandated format and size requirements for electronic filing submissions. Courts today are keen on the idea of electronic filing, and often require no paper copies of documents.

You can manually match size and formatting requirements for court filings, but that not only slows down your legal processes, but can lead to human error — rendering the information contained within those documents virtually useless in the eyes of the court. With our streamlined workflow and scanning solutions, you can quickly, automatically and accurately format and organize your legal documents in accordance with the courts — making your filing a breeze.

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