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Risk and Security 

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Risk management is at the top of everyone's list these days, thanks to the new, devastating data breaches that seem to happen on a regular basis. And for you it's especially important.

Not only do you need to protect your own information and records, but those of your clients as well. Your success depends on your ability to accurately, effectively represent them and present evidence. In our globally connected world, any type of security weakness can cost you time, money and — worst of all — reputation.


That's why our Risk and Security solutions are so crucial for law firms and legal departments. It's not just your information at stake; it's the information of the people who depend on you every day. So help protect them, and yourselves, with our wide range of legal services.


We can support efficient litigation and eDiscovery processes, help digitize and safeguard important records, and improve your ability to meet governance and compliance standards. We even offer consulting to help pinpoint any other areas where you might be vulnerable.


  • eDiscovery

    Meet the challenges of litigation with Intelligent eDiscovery's technology-driven solutions that enable you to efficiently identify critical documents and enhance your case strategy.

  • Consulting

    Sometimes you don't know where your weakness lie. We'll assess your practice and help you fill in the gaps so you can minimize risk and help prevent security breaches.

  • Records Management

    Paper isn't only inefficient — it may be unsecure. Digitize your records, and transform the way you maintain, access, use and safeguard your information.