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Order Management for Healthcare

Automate order management 

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In North America adverse drug events account for more than 120,000 hospitalizations and cost the healthcare industry more than $3.5 billion annually.*

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Eliminate your dependence on paper, along with its limitations and risks. Our Order Management solution includes an upfront analysis, consulting, software, scanners and Ricoh MFPs (if needed), implementation and support.

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Reduce your dependence on paper

Modernize your systems with experts who know healthcare inside and out.


When it comes to order management, you are all too well acquainted with the limitations of fax machines, paper and manual processes. You realize that automation is the way to go, but you question where to start and how to implement it.

That's why we conduct a Rapid Process Analysis and show you how to increase performance, productivity and care quality with these and other capabilities:

  • Enable electronic communications to speed up decisions.
  • Save time and simplify tasks with easy-to-use, intuitive interfaces.
  • Impose real-time tracking so you know the status of each order at any moment.
  • Reduce the risk of potentially costly security breaches.
  • Generate reports that help you measure outcomes and support compliance requirements.

Process pharmacy orders fast and accurately

Combine paper and digital orders into one system with automated tracking

Things can go awry with paper orders due to human or machine error, and the resulting delays can affect patient care. Instead, improve the patient experience with an automated solution that works in place of — or supplements — an existing computerized physician order entry (CPOE) system.

Our pharmacy Order Management solution, which includes DocuScripts software, enables you to:

  • Consolidate all of your paper and CPOE orders in one easy-to-use system.
  • Access orders moments after they are scanned, and retrieve and review archived orders at any time.
  • Track orders and alert pharmacists when orders are behind schedule.
  • Respond to patient needs by processing orders based on status and priorities.
  • Send private messages between caregivers and pharmacists to speed up communications.
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Streamline lab and radiology orders

Reduce the bottlenecks and errors associated with your outpatient orders.

Orders typically come in by fax to a single number at the hospital. Then it's up to you to sort them and forward them to appropriate department. With all of that paper flying around, though, some orders may fall through the cracks.

Instead, go paperless and speed up order processing by making it a hands-off task. Our Order Management solution includes OpenText software, which queues incoming faxes in an online workflow system.

You can read the faxes on screen, and schedule and send them to the right person at the right time. The information is retained digitally until it reaches the proper recipient, who can view or print orders. Better yet, you may improve security because sensitive information isn't moving around on paper.

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*Source: Medication Safety Program, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.