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Fax Management for Healthcare

Help improve security. Lower costs.

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In a survey, more than 4 in 10 healthcare respondents admitted to having read a paper fax intended for someone else.*

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Help safeguard health information and lower costs using Ricoh's Fax Management for Healthcare. Our customized electronic faxing solution includes:

  • An assessment of your current workflows
  • Consulting services
  • Software
  • Scanners and Ricoh MFPs (if needed)
  • Implementation
  • Support
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Manage fax communications centrally

Organize faxes and share information quickly while meeting security goals.

Your trusty old fax machine gets the job done, but at what cost and risk? You're paying for paper and phone lines, and anyone who walks by can pick up protected health information (PHI) that's sitting in the tray.

Our Fax Management for Healthcare Solution provides a virtual fax environment that helps you meet both cost and privacy goals:

  • Reduce the number of phone lines and retire standalone fax machines.
  • Make sure your faxed information can be retrieved only by the intended recipients.
  • Minimize or eliminate long-distance charges with least-cost routing for outbound faxes.
  • Support backups and disaster recovery so you don't lose PHI.

Improve worker efficiency

Speed information through admissions, health information management (HIM), supply chain and finance.

Standalone fax machines can be a bottleneck. Workers leave their desks to pick up faxes and then take more steps to handle paper or digitize it. Your information flow slows to a trickle for tasks such as:

  • Sending, receiving and processing patient records in admissions and HIM departments.
  • Processing claims and invoices.
  • Ordering and fulfilling supply requests.

Instead, improve the way you work. Our healthcare experts can help you standardize processes to maximize efficiency. Software such as RightFax or AutoStore runs on printers from nearly every manufacturer and integrates with other systems.

And when your Electronic Health Records (EHR), radiology, labs, pharmacy, claims processing and more are connected, you can speed up tasks and improve patient care.
You can even retrieve information more securely from mobile devices.

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Make compliance easier

Use a variety of methods to help satisfy health information privacy requirements.

There's only one reasonable expectation for privacy and security requirements ― they'll increase. And that means more proof of your security measures. Fax Management for Healthcare makes this easier with capabilities that provide administrative, physical and technical safeguards:

  • Establish point-to-point data transmission between the sender and receiver with receipt notifications.
  • Capture an audit trail of who faxed what to whom — and when — to help prevent audit failures.
  • Use a patient registration database, encryption and digital signatures to control who has access to information.
  • Authenticate users with our Card Authentication Package so they can print confidential documents more securely.

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*Source: Opinion Matters Survey [cited in this Ricoh press release w/o a date: more than 4 in 10 respondents admitted to having read a paper fax intended for someone else]