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Print Management for Government

Reduce cost and streamline your print management 

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Organizations that actively manage their printer, copier, MFP and fax fleets can save 10-30% in print costs.*

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Lower your print costs and help protect sensitive information. Our Print Management Solution for Government gives you the tools to monitor and manage your fleet of output devices — including consulting, software, hardware (if needed) and services.

Control output to control costs 

Eliminate waste and save money by managing printing, scanning, copying and faxing centrally.

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The costs related to document handling often slide under the budget radar. By properly managing your print, copy, scan and fax activities, you can save money and stop wasteful practices.

With our Print Management Solution for Government, you can:


  • Prevent inefficient choices, such as black-and-white printing on a color device, by redirecting jobs to the most appropriate device.
  • Set device limits by user, color usage and other attributes.
  • Curtail waste with duplex settings, as well as pop-up messages to educate users on their print choice.
  • Right size your fleet, consumables and maintenance.
  • Support environmental sustainability initiatives.


 Track, report, analyze and decide 

Make informed decisions based on an exact picture of your print environment. 

When you can't monitor document tasks, it's impossible to see what's happening and who's doing what. When you track activities centrally, you can gather all of the information you need to get the most from every device. Get the full details about your print environment with a Ricoh Print Management solution. 


  • Track up to 25 functions, such as color use, users, page output and more.
  • Obtain reports that identify under- and over-utilized devices, high-volume users and other potential issues.
  • Generate up to 35 detailed reports, as well as an executive summary.

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Simplify administrative oversight

Control your print environment so you can recover costs and safeguard information. 

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In an uncontrolled print environment, sensitive information is at risk. It's impossible to know your true costs —much less recover them. Our Print Management solutions will help you get the type and level of control you want:

  • Recovery: Integrates with your accounting systems and automates each step of the chargeback process based on PIN codes and/or job codes.
  • Embedded: Tracks walk-up activity on Ricoh MFPs, provides for optional authentication using a card reader, and allocates copy costs to users, departments, budgets and clients on most MFPs.
  • Secure: Allows you to more securely send documents from personal computers or mobile devices to to network-connected devices.

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*Source: Gartner: Cost-Cutting Initiatives for Office Printing, Published: 1 July 2013.