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Manage Public Information Requests

Handle public information requests

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Handle public information requests

The increase in number of information requests from the public to government agencies from 2014 to 2015.*

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According to the Access to Information legislation, the Canadian Government must provide timely and accurate access to internal data concerning government services to requestors. Depending on the request, this could cause significant problems for your government office. Incoming requests must be responded to in a timely manner or risk noncompliance. The ability to meet mandated timelines for each request, could depend on the nature request itself and could means hundreds or even thousands of documents that need to be gathered, reviewed and tracked. Discover a solution to help you manage, organize and meet various types of information requests. 
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Request made easy

Consolidate requests from various sources

Information requests could come from a variety of sources and can put a strain on your agency or organization especially when trying to meet a large number of requests or requests requiring large volumes of information.

Consolidate and efficiently manage your requests with Ricoh's Access to Information and Privacy (ATIP) solution. With the ATIP solution, requests from provincial Freedom of Information Acts (FOIA), and even private sector acts such as the Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA) and Personal Health Information Protection Act (PHIPA) are compiled into a digital system that allows for easy capture and storage of information and images while providing powerful reporting functions that can manage all mandated requirements.

See the ATIP in action

See more on our Access to Information and Privacy Case Management and Imaging solution.
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*Source: Statistics Canada