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Information Digitization Solution for Government 

Meet your mandates and lower costs  

In an industry survey, 200 government financial and records management professionals indicated that they expect to manage 20.4 billion government-wide records in 2015 ― a 144% increase from the estimated 8.4 billion records managed in 2012.
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Reduce your reliance on insecure, hard copy records with Ricoh's Information Digitization Solution for Government. This service includes assessment, workflow consulting and people to digitize your hard copy back files and / or new, incoming files — either onsite or in our secure processing centers using the latest scanning and indexing technology.

Digitize old and new records 

Prepare for 2019 without adding equipment, software or people. 

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Your agency manages and maintains a mountain of paper, microfilm, plans, maps and other hard copy.

That's why we offer information digitization as a service in two ways:


  • Back file conversion: Your stored records are scanned, indexed and loaded automatically into a document management system, or business process, or delivered to you via physical or electronic media.

  • Day-forward scanning services: Each day, your incoming files are indexed and entered into an electronic document management system.

Choose onsite or offsite services 

Reach your goals for transparency, participation and collaboration.  

Converting your permanent records and emails into electronic format is a big undertaking. But our document management experts are experienced government workers who know what to do and how to do it fast and efficiently. When we step in, you can feel confident that we're doing the job right — so your staff can focus on serving your constituents. 


  • Purchase only needed services, with the ability to rapidly scale up during peak periods.

  • Protect documents with chain of custody security systems.

  • Share information anywhere, anytime via the cloud or mobile devices to keep up with changing workforce and consumer preferences.


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Keep up with rapid data growth 

Lower costs, boost efficiency and simplify compliance-related tasks.  

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Whether your hard copy data grows at 50 percent or 150 percent, it's getting harder and harder for your workers to keep up and share information in a timely manner. Our Digital Imaging Services team improves agency operations in several ways:


  • Reduce the time your employees spend searching for information, or recreating information that already exists.

  • Achieve your environmental sustainability goals by reducing paper and energy consumption and CO2 emissions.

  • Use audit trails to streamline your responses to compliance requests.

  • Reduce real estate/office space requirements by cutting back on the amount of paper you have to store. 

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*Source: MeriTalk, Federal Records Management: Navigating the Storm, 2012.