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K-12 Records Management

Store, archive and retrieve your records electronically

See how this K-12 school district digitized over 500,000 student records to connect staff with information instantly while repurposing storage space to support more educational activities. Their days of wasting hours looking through boxes for records and information are over!

With digital student records, you can access, use and share information easily throughout your school or district. Make the transition with Ricoh's K-12 Records Management solution, which includes assessment, consulting services, hardware (if needed), software, implementation and support.              

Lower risk, improve service 

Go digital so you can easily store, manage, use, share and protect student records. 

High school teacher and student discussing.

Paper files slow down everything, whether you’re looking for student records or preparing reports for state and federal agencies. And if anything happens to the one and only hard copy, then what?

With our K-12 Student Records Management solution, you can better serve students and families because digital records are easy to access and share. Even better, you'll lower risk:

  • Expedite regulatory compliance by producing reports that document how, when and where student records were accessed — saving lots of time for district and school personnel.
  • Decrease errors, like incomplete or misplaced records, that are common with paper files.
  • Back up records and restore them as needed so you don’t have to worry about losing information.

Be strategic about your records management 

Customize your solution with components that boost productivity and accuracy. 

Figuring out your digital strategy is no easy matter, especially when staff members are pushed to their limits and regulations  keep evolving. Bring in our K-12 experts, who can assess your situation and recommend a solution that’s tailored to your district or school.

These core capabilities can set you on a sound digital path:


  • Scanning and capture from paper or microform: Set up workflows that quickly and easily send information directly to the appropriate student record.
  • Enterprise content management: Store, manage and share information with lifecycle management, retention schedules and security features.
  • Back file conversion: Onsite or in our document centers, our Digital Imaging Services specialists digitize your records and create an electronic repository with a searchable index.

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Take control of costs 

Lower expenses while improving the educational experience. 

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The more records you have on paper, the more resources you spend on printing, copying and mailing. Storing paper onsite or offsite is also expensive, especially when you need to pay for courier services. And people may not receive information in a timely manner when files are difficult to locate.

With our approach to student records management, you can give up that cumbersome, costly approach in favor of an efficient and effortless one:

  • Store records in a digital repository instead of allocating valuable real estate to paper files.
  • Save time by completing document-handling and record-updating tasks with a few keystrokes.
  • Integrate our solution with your existing student information system, multifunction printers (MFPs) and other technology you already have.                                       

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