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K-12 Analytics

Make it easy to design, grade and analyze tests


In a recent survey, 70% of K-12 principals, superintendents and educators said that student data plays a big role in personalized learning.*


Simplify all aspects of your testing and grading with our K-12 Analytics Solution, which includes:

  • Assessment
  • Consulting services and solution design
  • Software
  • Multifunction printers (MFPs) if needed
  • Implementation and training
  • Optional test design
  • Formatting assistance and support

Analyze tests and trends to improve learning

Replace expensive, proprietary solutions that lock you in and don't offer analytics.

Teacher and young student looking at a laptop

Preprinted bubble sheet answer forms and proprietary scanning equipment are expensive. With only one test format, they're limiting, too. And analytics? Not included.


Get more with our K-12 Analytics Solution, which simplifies and automates test creation, grading and analysis. Your teachers can create multiple types of tests using plain paper and the Ricoh MFPs that you may already own, so you'll lower costs, too. 


  • Identify trends and patterns in test scores using the included analytics software.
  • Track student performance over time and adjust your testing methods as needed.

Enrich your students’ journeys

Provide your faculty with greater testing flexibility and more time for teaching.

Your teachers work hard every day to meet the needs of individual students while adhering to government-mandated standards. Make this effort easier for them with the K-12 Analytics Solution.

Our K-12 experts will train your faculty on the many options they’ll have for creating and scoring tests. Additionally, our software speeds up test creation and grading, so your teachers will spend less time on administrative tasks — and more time instructing and interacting with students.

Teacher and her student looking at a laptop

Go beyond right and wrong answers

Use tools and technology that help you improve the educational experience.

Close up of a pencil filling out a multiple choice test

Marking right and wrong answers is only the first step in a modern testing solution. With K-12 Analytics, you have the option to set up a workflow so the scores from the grading software go into your student information system — letting you adjust students' grades automatically.

Over time, you can tap into this database of student and class performance and identify trends and opportunities to improve test design. For example, you can identify poorly worded questions or problems that students miss consistently. You may even be able to shape your curriculum design to match their progress. Better yet, you’ll have the data you need to monitor and guide students throughout their educational experience.                                                      

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*Source: Center for Digital Education Dec 2015 Report.