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Student Admissions and Records


The way you handle and release student records must comply with government legislation. This is no easy task — you and your staff must protect student privacy and prevent potential legal issues.

Our higher education solutions can help create a better user experience and attract more tech-savvy students to your institution.

With our Student Records solution, you and your staff can streamline and automate your manual processes. You can also digitize student information and centrally manage it through all stages of your the college experience.

When it comes to your admissions and financial aid applications, your paper-based processes can be labour intensive and confusing, and can even put sensitive information at risk. Our Admissions Process Automation solution replaces these processes with efficient data capture and automated digital workflows — helping to improve your information flow, reduce potential errors, and improve the admissions process for both your team and prospective students.


  • Admissions Process Automation

    Attract and impress prospective students when you replace your paper-based processes with our streamlined digital ones.

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  • Student Records

    Digitize student information and centrally manage it through all stages of the college experience.

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