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Research has shown that Crowdmark® cuts teacher grading time by up to 70%.

The Ricoh Advanced Testing and Grading Solution powered by Crowdmark is an end-to-end workflow solution for collaborative online grading and analytics that helps educators evaluate student work more effectively.

Grade More Efficiently

Reallocate time to higher value activities. 

Advanced Testing and Grading Benefit 1

Whether your class is large or small, Crowdmark is proven to save you valuable time that could be better spent on teaching and research.  

Our streamlined workflow provides efficiency gains in exam administration, grading, data recording and analysis, returning exams and handing regrade requests.

Ensure Academic Integrity

Eliminate the possibility to edit exams for regrading.

Our platform and grading workflow support academic integrity by ensuring there are no edits made to exams after they are returned to students.

Once an exam is written it is uploaded to Crowdmark for grading and saved as an image.  This definitive version of the exam is frozen in time and cannot be edited by the student after the exam.
Advanced Testing and Grading Benefit 2

Analyze Student Performance

Identify gaps in learning to help students achieve better outcomes.

Advanced Testing and Grading Benefit 3

Crowdmark provides data visualizations of student performance on each question. Analysis of this data leads to improved student learning outcomes and generates insights into academic program performance.

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*Source: University of Toronto. Crowdmark: An online utility for improved grading processes and engineering accreditation review. May 12, 2017.