Output Management Solutions

Uncontrolled printing equals uncontrolled costs & uncontrolled risk.   Regain control over your print environment & information by combating unclaimed print jobs, offering secure release to protect sensitive information & collecting accurate data for recuperating print costs & optimising your fleet.  With an efficient print environment, your users can print when & where they need to - without breaking the budget or over-burdening IT resources.

Reduce IT Help Desk time to put your resources to better use for your business. 

Organisations that actively manage their fleets can save between 10% and 30% in print costs. 

Ricoh can help.


CONTROL office printing. From colour balances and account quotas to web-based reporting, immediately know what’s being printed and where so you can keep data in the right hands at all times.
CONVENIENCE to empower your teams. Tools like Mobile printing eliminate third party costs and a need for duplicate printers reducing the burden on IT which can redeploy resources to bigger tasks.
CHOICE in setting your systems. From flexible printing policies, to card-key security, to custom standards for what is printed and where, Ricoh Output Management solutions simplify the office.
COST SAVINGS means the company can re-prioritize spending away from costly and outdated practices, compliance issues, and data breaches that end up in litigation.
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Output Management solutions not what you’re looking for? Ask about Ricoh’s process and business automation solutions which enable you to simplify and control, more efficiently, how you manage office documentation and practices.

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