Cost control doesn't have to mean sacrificing security

Uncontrolled printing equals uncontrolled costs & uncontrolled risk

Ricoh helps organisations regain control over their print environment & their information by combating unclaimed print jobs, offering secure release to protect sensitive information & collecting accurate data for recuperating print costs & optimising your fleet. With an efficient print environment, your users can print when & where they need to – without breaking the budget or over-burdening IT resources.

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In a recent survey on the new wave of digital technologies 83% of finance executives agree that trust is the #1 characteristic of an outstanding partner relationship.

You can be in control when it comes to reducing overall printing & saving money. We can help.

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Organisations that actively manage their fleets can save between 10% and 30% in print costs.

Ricoh can help.

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You’re under intense pressure to reduce costs, eliminate waste & streamline business processes. As a result, print & copy activities should be looked at closely. We know that getting a print fleet under control & optimising usage can be challenging. Gaps in technology can present security risks & increase support burdens for an overworked IT team. Effectively managing user accountability & access to sensitive information is critical. Plus, according to Gartner research, better management of printer fleets can help reduce page volume by at least 10% while ensuring privacy of printed documents. Secure. Save.

Savings used for good

Your IT team is responsible for configuring, deploying, updating & managing your fleet - time consuming & labour intensive. Then there’s the pressure to meet the needs of mobile users who expect to print to any networked printer from any smart device. Keeping up with these demands often pulls IT resources away from more important IT initiatives. An Output Management solution can provide IT with proactive alerts, automatic failover to keep the print environment running smoothly & admin tools such as batch configuration. Now your IT team can focus on more important initiatives that can meaningfully contribute to your bottom line.

Plan for today with an eye on tomorrow

You’re seeking innovative ways to lower costs today. And of course you want your business to grow in the future. So it makes sense to invest in an infrastructure that improves your business processes now but is able to grow with you as your business grows in the future. Ricoh’s Output Management solution is adaptable & scalable ensuring that your investment in today will continue to serve you – and save you money - even as your business grows & your needs evolve

Experience matters.

83% of recently surveyed Finance executives chose Trust & Proven Track Record as the top attributes that characterise an outstanding partner relationship.

Ricoh knows Output Management.

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