Digitization Made Simple for Local Government

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Automated business processes and digital records management help you run your municipality more effectively, efficiently, securely.

Experience Matters.

Understanding federal, provincial and municipal laws along with the nuances of how government operates allows Ricoh to quickly recommend and implement suitable solutions for cities, municipalities and townships. A great example would be how we helped the City of Saint John, New Brunswick, improve building permit processes by over 30%.


Imagine scanning documents from your MFP and instantly sending them to your phone to be transferred directly on to the room’s projector for your strategy meeting.

Check out our product line-up below to see how your teams can get connected to your business, documents and information.

Enterprise Content Management

In today’s world, electronic records are no longer a luxury but a necessity.  Fast growing municipalities and ever changing legislation require local governments to be as on top of their records as ever. Ricoh solutions offer modern efficiency and security.

Business Process Management

Replacing legacy paper-based processes is one of the fastest ways a local government can realize cost savings by increasing efficiencies across all departments. For example, we help shorten approval times, and replace sequential approval processes.

Video Conferencing

Our easy-to-use video conferencing solutions helps bring your meetings to life. Share high-quality content, encourage collaboration, and stay more closely connected to your team with a video conferencing system from Ricoh. Our Video Conferencing system creates a virtual meeting room where you can instantly connect to teams around the world. Meet face-to-face in a digital setting while utilizing collaborative tools such as visual aids, screen sharing, and more.

Is it time to upgrade your ECM solution?

Whether you have outgrown your current system or are just not satisfied with it’s performance, we want to make switching simple and cost effective.

For a limited time, trade in your current ECM solution and receive a credit of up to 30% towards a new Ricoh Laserfiche ECM Solution*.

Ricoh Canada has 20 years experience implementing ECM solutions and is the largest Laserfiche Global Partner. Let us show you what we can do for you.

Let us show you how we have helped other Municipalities.

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