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The Digital Era of Forms Management

All sizes of healthcare organizations are still inundated with an absurd amount of forms and paperwork. Whether generated internally, brought in by the patient or received from another outside source, managing paper workflow throughout the organization is not only inefficient, but can have an adverse impact on patient care. Even though some healthcare organizations have a fully operational electronic health record today, they are still struggling with transitioning to a “paper-light” environment. Implementing a fully digitized forms management solution can improve process workflows, data capture and retrieval, coordination of care, and the patient experience. Learn how other Canadian healthcare organizations are improving quality of care by reengineering their paper workflow processes into a data-centric environment.


Mike Burgoyne Picture.jpgMike Burgoyne, Healthcare Solutions Lead, Ricoh Canada
Mike currently works as National Healthcare Sales Lead for Ricoh Canada.  He's in his eighth year consulting with healthcare customers to mine out operational inefficiencies, reduce risk associated with paper workflows, and securely complete the electronic patient record.  He and the Ricoh team use process analyses to identify and improve issues around hybrid medical record strategies and back office paper challenges.
Cody Strate Picture.jpgCody Strate, Director of Strategic Initiatives, Access EFMc
Cody Strate has spent well over 15 years working in the healthcare IT industry with a focus on enterprise-wide electronic forms management. During that time, Cody has helped hundreds of Canadian, U.S., and European single- and multi-facility organisations achieve their paperless goals.  Cody is responsible for the overall strategic vision of Access, partnership alliances, major accounts, and international expansion.