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We work in an age of digital transformation & approaches that worked in the past no longer work in this fluid environment. Capitalising on the digital shift requires a culture shift – but many businesses aren’t sure where to start. We can help.

Ricoh’s expertise in the manipulation, organisation & delivery of financial data saves our customers significant time, money & resources in data matching, manual reconciliation & data entry.

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With BPO subject matter expertise & years of consulting experience we enable deep transformations that outpace a rapidly changing work environment & encourage transformation from within your organisation.

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Imagine scanning documents from your MFP and instantly sending them to your phone to be transferred directly on to the room’s projector for your strategy meeting.

At the core of automation is data quality, data flow, data classification, data security & data access.

This is what Ricoh does best.

Ricoh specialises in developing unique solutions to complex business process issues which can be implemented as an in-house or outsourced solution that provides significant improvement in efficiency - and saves you money

Our expertise in the manipulation, organisation & delivery of financial data includes:
  • Importing data in various formats (i.e. from different databases, data sources)
  • Explore / match datasets in a matter of seconds
  • Filter & partition your data easily with regular expressions
  • Extract key information from text fields

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83% of recently surveyed Finance executives chose Trust & Proven Track Record as the top attribute that characterises an outstanding partner relationship.

We have the people, processes & technology to help you work faster, smarter & make sure your company’s information is available to those who need it — anytime, anywhere.

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