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Information is Power

Is your Enterprise Content Management System really working for you?

Your organization has a lot of information and your Enterprise Content Management solution should help you make sense of it. Wherever the location, whatever the format.

Your ECM Solution should:
Eliminate paper based processes
Streamline workflows
Improve collaboration
Provide security
Reduce operating costs

Ricoh can help you implement the ECM solution you really need. For a limited time we also make upgrading even more cost effective.

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Information has to work for your teams, wherever they are.

You have to be able to rely on your organization's content to never miss a step throughout its automated processes,
and to alert you of problems, track who did what, and when. Whether you are working with physical or electronic documents - across a multitude of platforms, they should all be captured, tagged, and economically routed, with proper accounting and disposition.

Your information needs to be accessible AND secure.

You should have simple, powerful collaboration tools that help to protect your documents, including:

  • Tiered privileges that protect sensitive information
  • Password-protected document access.
  • Access records that let you see every time someone viewed a document or made changes to it.
  • Provide the ability to delete sensitive or space-filling documents after their useful life has ended.

Digitizing paper and processes should reduce your bottom line.

Are you cutting your budget by converting your files to a digital format? Have you reduced or eliminated paper storage?
An effective streamlined workflow, enables your workers can be more efficient and productive than ever — saving you even more.

Is it time to upgrade your ECM solution?

Whether you have outgrown your current system or are just not satisfied with it’s performance, we want to make switching simple and cost effective.

For a limited time, trade in your current ECM solution and receive a credit of up to 30% towards a new Ricoh Laserfiche ECM Solution*.

Ricoh Canada has 20 years experience implementing ECM solutions and is the largest Laserfiche Global Partner. Let us show you what we can do for you.

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Terms and Conditions
Valid only on Laserfiche Enterprise Content Management Solutions (the ”Product”) newly purchased by customer after June 1, 2017 with completed implementations between June 1– December 30, 2017.
Customer trade-in value based on invoice, as verified by Ricoh, of most recent renewal of customer content management system being replaced plus the cost of the new license fees.
Competitive solution can only be applied to Laserfiche License fees.
Minimums purchases may apply, as determined by Ricoh.
This offer is only available to customers who purchase the Product through this online promotion. Offer cannot be applied to any previous purchases, or purchases through other Ricoh Reseller channels.
Not valid other offers, subsidized pricing or specialized pricing or pricing programs.
Ricoh reserves the right to alter the terms and conditions, or cancel this program at any time without notice.
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