Transform static printed materials into an interactive, cross-media experience with Augmented Reality Print.

Consumers today expect to be able to seamlessly switch between media to find the information they’re looking for. Clickable Paper™ offers printers and publishers a new way to link printed content to rich media.

In a world constantly advancing in technology, Ricoh helps you stay ahead of the game with Clickable Paper™, a new SaaS solution that bridges the offline-to-online gap and encourages a more immersive, exploratory experience. 

Watch "Go Beyond the Printed Page with Ricoh’s Clickable Paper™" Webinar to learn how you can:

  •  Enable cross-media campaigns
  •  Protect and reinvent your core printing business
  •  Create a new revenue opportunity

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Create a culture of innovation

Sometimes printing and other types of output fly under the radar, so you don’t know if information is reaching the people who need it when they need it. And you don’t know your true costs — hard and soft. Managed Print Services from Ricoh reveals all, starting with a look at areas such as:

  • Mobile printing
  • Output devices, people and processes
  • Copy/print service centers
  • Records management